Monday, 31 August 2015

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January. It’s always dire

They said it would be the most miserable day of the year and they got it just about right – unless you were a teacher, pupil or school-running parent spotting snow before first light, that is.

Last updated 22 January 2013
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That roof‘ll be going nowhere

Congratulations to slating firm K L Venning. The Orton-based company is re-roofing the whole of Coronation Street, including the Rovers Return, as the programme moves to a new set.

Last updated 21 January 2013
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Back your local butcher for burgers without horse

So, there he was having a quick lunch in a Tesco cafe, when the waitress asked him if he would like anything on his burger.

Last updated 18 January 2013
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Alice Pyne has taught us all how to live

Alice Pyne  photo We can learn a great deal from the all too short life of Cumbria’s exceptional Alice Pyne.

Last updated 15 January 2013
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Bowie: The golden oldie returns

So David Bowie is back. To celebrate his 66th birthday, he has released a new single and we are promised an album will follow.

Last updated 10 January 2013
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Monopoly change: A token gesture?

There was sad and shock news from the world of traditional family games this week.

Last updated 10 January 2013
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Fellowship. But only for Church’s old boys

As a much younger woman, many moons ago, I suppose I was a bit of a feminist. (5 comments)

Last updated 8 January 2013
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Your Majesty, don’t speak or move a muscle

As you know I’m not the biggest fan of the Royals but even I think the latest slice of ‘celebrating’ Queenie’s Jubilee year has gone too far.

Last updated 21 December 2012
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Christmas is a time for children after all

Marks & Spencer advert photo It will be interesting to see if takings are down in certain supermarkets this year and whether Marks & Spencer suffers a downturn in profits.

Last updated 21 December 2012
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What did Santa bring for the baby Jesus?

It’s a simple enough story – baby born out of wedlock, in an outbuilding and in poverty did pretty well in the end and changed the world. (4 comments)

Last updated 20 December 2012
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Stay out of people’s private lives

In the grand scheme of things – and in a real world where innocents are slaughtered in their schoolrooms and homelessness, abject poverty and hunger live cheek by jowl with eyewatering wealth – it matters not a jot. (7 comments)

Last updated 20 December 2012
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We need more hyperventilating


Last updated 18 December 2012
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Sympathy? Don’t make me laugh

Bad humour has a horrible habit of going terribly wrong. Pranks and practical jokes, by their very nature, rely on causing their victims pain. (21 comments)

Last updated 11 December 2012
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We need to elect a health champion

This week we revealed the shocking death-rate figures for north Cumbria’s hospitals.

Last updated 7 December 2012
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Confused? Bored? You shouldn’t be

It should have been relatively simple – relatively being the operative word. Crime and punishment usually is that way. You break the law, you’re named, shamed and you pay the price. (9 comments)

Last updated 4 December 2012
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Winter: Time to bring in a drivers’ intelligence test

Heartfelt sympathies are due to anyone who has suffered flooding misery in this year’s unprecedented rainfall. (23 comments)

Last updated 27 November 2012
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Polling station staff were bored but we must keep democracy alive

My polling station didn’t look at all darkly deserted... thanks to three patient ladies waiting for a voter to turn up.

Last updated 20 November 2012
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Gotcha! SAS hero Andy McNab finally caught on camera

Andy Macnab photo ‘For security reasons, photography is not permitted at this event.’

Last updated 20 November 2012
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Give the Beeb a break and target the tax avoiders

There is a huge amount of energy and hot air being expended on the future of the BBC and whether its ex-Director General should be given a full year’s pay-off for resigning. (3 comments)

Last updated 15 November 2012
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We need the BBC to recover

The contract between the BBC and us is something of a complicated, highfalutin thing with charters and trusts, too many chiefs and not enough indians. (13 comments)

Last updated 14 November 2012
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