Carlisle United say they have received NO new expressions of interest in taking the club over in recent weeks.

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens says that, despite the end of recent takeover talks at Brunton Park attracting "widespread" publicity, no new parties have come forward.

The director, meanwhile, says the Blues are still waiting for a response to proposals made to Purepay Retail Limited over the repayment of £2.4m the club owes.

Clibbens used the club website to give an update on the financial situation.

He referred to December's CUFC Holdings announcement that talks with parties linked to businessman Philip Day had ended.

"The end of talks attracted widespread media interest and publicity, as expected – nationally as well as locally," Clibbens said.

"No expressions of interest in taking over or investing in the club have been received since then.

"We have also not been contacted by potential investor requesting information as a first step to doing that.

"The door remains open."

In the summer, co-owner John Nixon said that directors had "plans B and C" if needed regarding "succession" talks.

There has yet to be any reference to those "plans" in subsequent club comments. Supporters' trust CUOSC have commented recently about "various sources" who have "potential interest" in the club.

Clibbens, meanwhile, also commented on United's debt, which was originally owed to Edinburgh Woollen Mill but transferred to Purepay after EWM's retail business went into administration.

"Of course, the outcome of the discussions on the Purepay loan will have vital consequences for any future investment or takeover of the club as it impacts on the funding required by anyone new," Clibbens said.

"The Holdings board first put a proposal to Purepay over the repayment in June 2020, in parallel with the separate ongoing takeover talks.

"In late November that was rejected by Purepay, and a line was also drawn under takeover talks at the same time.

"Since then further suggestions were made by the club to Purepay before Christmas. The club is awaiting a response."

Clibbens added that no debt repayments were currently planned on the Purepay loan, which continues to accrue interest, but "it cannot be ruled out that it will require cash repayments in the rest of 2022, and beyond."

It was revealed this week in a Companies House filing that United's owners had signed a document in November authorising a situation where a Holdings director may have a conflict of interest.

Clibbens referred to that, but did not give any detail or confirm whether it concerned the directorships of John Jackson both with CUFC Holdings and Purepay.

"Following the conclusion of the takeover talks it was appropriate to undertake some simple routine legal housekeeping including filings at Companies House," the chief executive said.

"These allow normal Holdings Board operations in accordance with the Companies Act. This formality is just part of the club complying with company law."

Clibbens said United were in a "sound financial position" with the biggest cash reserves in the bank "for nearly 20 years", and that this helped the club back manager Keith Millen.

He added: "Maintaining reserves is essential given our funding model; self-funding ongoing annual trading losses and the absence of a benefactor to subsidise the club or cover emergencies, or unplanned events both on and off-the-field.

"The Holdings Board has reiterated its commitment to Keith, to make available whatever finance is needed to help him move the team up the division."

Clibbens also used his statement to comment on the fan "disruption" seen at the Shrewsbury Town FA Cup game.

Some fans threw tennis balls on the pitch while some displayed an anti-owners banner.

"Four teenagers were identified by police and club safety staff as throwing balls, and they were ejected," said Clibbens, who did not refer specifically to the banner incident. The News & Star requested comment on that after the game.

"These issues can carry consequences for all concerned," he added. "No action was taken against the club by football authorities this time, given how we managed the incidents.

"Some of the throwers have been subject to separate police action."

Clibbens added that a Safety Advisory Group inspection took at the Walsall game last month was "complimentary" towards the club and its safety and crowd control.

The director, meanwhile, said he has made further representations on behalf of the club about the potential for a new community stadium in Carlisle.

This, he said, was part of consultations over the Carlisle Playing Pitch Strategy, "as Carlisle City Council continues to develop its plans alongside the FA and Football Foundation over facilities in the area."