WE asked our readers how safe they feel in Carlisle. Here's what they said.

Chris Holding said: "I feel safe walking home at night but that's my male privilege, I however would not feel comfortable with my wife and daughters walking home at night."

His wife, Kerrie Holding, said: "I don't feel anywhere near as safe in Carlisle as I used to. I used to walk to and from work in Walkabout at all hours, barely feel safe in daylight now."

Rachel Sharp said: "Not as safe as 25 years ago. Which doesn't affect me as much in middle age now but I find worrying and frustrating for my three daughters. I want them to have the independence I did when younger."

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Narissa Marr said: "I lived in Carlisle for 55 years, left seven years ago I always felt safe."

Claire Brown added: "I feel safe as a female, I’m from a bigger city and Carlisle is far better than anywhere I’ve lived, and that’s been a lot of places."

Dawn Haughan commented: "I wouldn't feel safe walking about on a night and I definitely wouldn't let my daughters," as Michelle Deeley said: "Northampton and larger cities are much more dangerous. It's worse than it used to be but nowhere near the bigger cities."

Michelle Miller replied: "Not safe at all," and Julie Campbell said: "No I don't feel safe walking at night on my own."

Danni Leach said she feels safe, and Lorna Dawes also said: "Feel very safe walking home personally."