A PARISH councillor has called on a construction company to fix a pothole-filled road, which residents branded 'a right rotten state'.

Parish councillor Sean Reed said 'residents are disgusted' at the number of potholes on Cumwhinton Drive, with greater concerns as the council approved 157 extra homes on the site.

Our readers reacted to the news.

Shelly Johnston said: "At last someone is taking notice, it's shocking," while Arthur Warwick added: "It's not just one road, it's every road, can see a lot of accidents happening once the better weather comes and the bikers start touring about."

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Tim Kirby said: "What amazes me is the fact that your car has to be roadworthy, but the roads don't. Absolute shambles they are, it's obvious they want us off the roads."

Peter Gnarly Blakemore said: "I might start mapping all the big ones in Whitehaven. Here is a tip to the Highways, throwing a lump of tarmac in a hole is not fixing the problem."

Chris Clark commented: "There was meant to be a temporary repair done a couple of weeks ago, all they did was fill in two holes. Now because everyone is using the Garlands road instead of the other side, the Garlands road is now just as bad."

Kath Park added: "All roads are bad. Hazardous for cars motorcycles and bicycles."

Donna Fergusson said: "Pothole next to KFC London road is ridiculous, the amount of cars that have been stuck in this one."