Last week I reported on a new inclusive running club for all ages and abilities arriving in Carlisle

To test just how inclusive it was, I decided to go along, to challenge myself against runners who I know for a fact to be far fitter and faster than myself. 

The Fordy Runs Running Group is a national club which was established by Chris Ford and has has expanded into the largest, most inclusive running group in the UK, with over 40 'satellite' clubs set up across the country. 

Mother and daughter duo Louise and Bethany Duffy recently established the Carlisle club, and met for the first time on Thursday May 16. 

I arranged to meet the other runners at 6pm at the Near Boot Inn, where the group meets every Thursday.

Now, as a man without a car, I thought I'd run from my flat to the starting point, to give myself a good warm-up. 

However, that one-mile journey quicky turned into a two mile one when I went the wrong way and ended up being 10 minutes late.

Fortunately, the group were still stretching when I arrived, although the beautiful sunshine and the run up the road meant I was rather red in the face for the group photo. 

Still, given the floods in Carlisle the week before that left Fordy Runs as essentially a bike ride away from a triathlon, I was grateful for the warm and dry conditions as I continued my run. 

News and Star: A post-run drink was definitely needed in the heatA post-run drink was definitely needed in the heat (Image: Supplied)

Chatting with regular runners young and old, as well as some friendly faces from the Twentee-total run club, we jogged up and down Tarraby Lane, looping around well-placed cones until we completed around five kilometres. 

By the time I got home, I'd completed closer to 10, but felt great after my post-run drink alongside fellow group members, who shared stories of their 100th and 200th parkruns, while I remain on a measly four.

But if you're looking to get into running or are a regular in the sport, then Fordy Runs is a great option for anyone in Carlisle or wider Cumbria.