A NEW group has been set up to bring together young adults in the city.

Twenteetotal, founded by Jimmy Moorhouse and Carmen de Castro, who live in Carlisle, is aimed at those in their 20s who want something to do that doesn’t involve booze or drugs to have fun.

It’s also about making new friends which gets harder with age, especially if you’re in a new city, like Mr Moorhouse and Ms de Castro.

The latter said: “After moving to Carlisle six months ago, we found that making friends at this age is not easy, especially in a new place.

“A lot of the suggestions that people gave us to meet people involved alcohol, and that’s not something we’re particularly interested in.

“So, we decided to set up our own club to make it easier for ourselves and other like-minded people in the area to make connections and have fun through alcohol-free activities and events.

“There doesn’t seem to be many clubs that are open to everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, across the UK, let alone Cumbria, so we wanted to create a safe space for everyone to come together.”

Some events they said could be included are bowling, book clubs, walks, game nights, and more, but they are open to other suggestions.

“The events will mainly be free but if there is any cost attached to the venue hire or activity, for example doing an escape room or pottery class together, then there would be a fee involved,” Ms de Castro added.

Anyone interested in the group, which is yet to announce its first event pending a space being sought, is asked to follow the Instagram page @Twenteetotal.