A charity created to help women in UK has created a new group to help younger women in Carlisle, ten years on from its creation. 

Woman Up began as a grassroots one-off event in Carlisle in 2014 when a group of women’s rights campaigners came together to celebrate the work of female activists.

After another vibrant event in 2022, it quickly became clear that UK Woman Up should be more than just a one-off event, and in July last year they registered as an official charity. 

Sam Massey, of Woman Up, discussed how the organisation has progressed in its 10 years from a one-off event to a registered charity.

She said: "On the back of feedback that we've had, and our shared ideas as a committee, we decided to set up as a charity so we could support women continuously and offer a programme that would wrap around the annual event that we put on.

"We've been successful in getting some funding from the National Lottery which has allowed us to set up monthly support sessions for women. It's a safe space for people to come together, learn from each other and feel supported.

Woman Up has now announced a new group for women aged between 14 and 21 in Carlisle, with their first event planned for Saturday, February 17 at Carlisle Key from 10am to 1pm.

She added: "We're all really passionate about young people and we've always felt that's where we want to focus our energy. Working with young women, as well as those who are non-binary and exploring their gender. We're focussed on being as inclusive as possible, with a diverse set of voices that can help educate each other. 

"These youth-led sessions will allow young women somewhere where they can be open and honest, without feeling judged. We will use creative ways, such as artwork or a women's self-defence session. What they are telling us is that they want to connect with like-minded people and right now there isn't really anything in the community that meets their needs. Young Woman Up is ticking those boxes."