Is Cumbria a city? Is Carlisle a nice place to live? Does Cumbria have its own language?

Well, the time has come when all those questions are answered. Cumbria makes up a huge portion of the UK and is often lauded for its majestic landscape and diverse nature.

A "walkers dream" in many ways, Brits flock to Cumbria all year round as it is arguably the best place in the country for a break away from life's struggles.

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How high are the Cumbrian mountains?

Cumbria is, of course, the home of Scafell Pike; the highest mountain in England. It stands at a height of 3,209 feet.

But if you're a walker and you fancy something a little less foreboding, yet still a challenge, try Great Gable, which is 2,949 feet tall. Or Blencathra, at 2,847ft. If we head a little down the list, Dow Crag is a good option at 2,553 feet tall.

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Where is Carlisle in the league?
Carlisle United are currently 23rd in EFL League One

Is Cumbria in Scotland?
No. Don't be silly.

Where is Cumbria University?
Cumbria University has several different locations. The headquarters of the University are based in Carlisle.

However, other locations include Lancaster, Ambleside, Penrith and Workington.

Does Cumbria have its own language?

The dialect of Cumbria is not strictly English and has Scandinavian roots. It contains elements of Celtic and Norse, although there are definite similarities between the northern and southern parts.

The pronunciation of ’ moor’ and ‘poor’ is typically associated with older speakers.

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What is the Cumbrian dialect?

Some parts of Cumbria have a more North-East English sound to them. Whilst clearly spoken with a Northern English accent, the Cumbrian dialect shares much vocabulary with Scots.

Who is the Cumbria Police Commissioner?
The current Police Commissioner for Cumbria is Peter McCall.

Which county is Cumbria in?
Cumbria is in the county of… Cumbria. 

What is Cumbria famous for?
There are a plethora of reasons as to why Cumbria is famous but best known for being the home of the Lake District National Park.

Whilst it is named the ‘Lake District’, it only accommodates one actual lake! Lake Bassenthwaite is the only lake in the Lake District. The other 'lakes' are considered to be Waters, Meres or Tarns.

So, Lake Windermere? No, just Windermere.

What is the traditional dish of Cumbria?
The Cumberland sausage is the traditional dish for Cumbrians.

We have some sweeter foods which were invented in Cumbria, such as the Kendal Mint Cake or Grasmere Gingerbread.

Are Carlisle pubs open?
They are, often. And there are several good ones to choose from. For exact opening times... just Google it. Cheers!