Carlisle's Rebuild Site CIC is set to launch a skill-sharing scheme aimed at helping the community pick up tools and learn practical skills.

The community interest company was built on the ethos of cutting down on waste and giving community construction projects a helping hand, acting as a go-between for contractors who want to offload surplus building materials and small traders. 

The new initiative targets individuals who strive for a deeper understanding of practical skills, but lack experienced individuals in their circle.

Community officer, Amy Dixon, said: "We're looking to bridge a gap between people who want to know how to do things themselves but don't have people around them able to help. 

"Even if it's just the basics, we hope to give people the confidence to discover what they can do. 

"As well as teach youngsters life skills," she said. 

The programme also aims to provide opportunities to retired people seeking productive use of their skills.

"We're very much community-based, we've had people who have retired who are looking for something to do with their skills.

"It gets workshop leaders out of the house, social and sharing information - ultimately, pass on your skills within the community," she said. 

Last year, the company also launched a tool library to allow locals to borrow equipment and avoid high costs.

With an expected launch date in February, the Rebuild Site CIC invites local businesses and individuals to participate in this skill-sharing movement. 

Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Amy Dixon via email at or by calling 01228 907905.