THE REBUILD Site has launched a brand new tool library to allow locals to borrow equipment and avoid high costs.

The library is located at the Rebuild Site's base in Kingmoor Park, Carlisle.

It will operate in a fashion similar to a library for books, with the tool library holding tools for people to borrow.

This equipment can be borrowed for a week at a time.

The library will also hold a range of hand tools and small power tools, as well as some gardening equipment and bike maintenance equipment.

The tool library is open for borrowers and anyone who wants to make donations during shop hours.

Access to the tool library will cost £25 for an individual standard annual membership and £10 for 16-25-year-olds.

Membership will provide access to the full inventory of hand and power tools.

Emma Porter, founder of the Rebuild Site, said: "Tools can be expensive for both your pocket and the environment.

"The average drill is used for 13 minutes in its lifetime.

"We think that’s a waste of the resources it took to make that tool.

"By borrowing you reduce your carbon impact and save money."

This tool library fits into the ethos of the Rebuild Site which focuses on helping tradesmen afford equipment and champions the creative re-use of surplus construction materials.

They said: "Our purpose is to encourage everyone to rethink how to better use materials, reclaim materials that are currently being thrown away or downcycled, and reuse as much excess and 'nearly-new' materials as possible, creating value in what is often treated as waste.

"The surplus materials we pick up go to community groups and charities to help with their building, gardening, crafting, and repair projects.

"We also sell nearly new and surplus materials to trades and members of the public at reduced prices."