CARLISLE'S newest mural on Junction Street is certainly capturing the attention of locals. 

Blank Wall Assassins' (BWA) latest eye-catcher, which features a woman with flowing hair, adorned by Cumberland's flower, Grass-of-Parnassus, created by using 24-carat silver paint, was illustrated by Portuguese artist and big wall painter Jacqueline De Montaigne. 

News & Star readers have been full of praise for the new addition to Carlisle's living gallery. 

News and Star: Mural draped over a house onlooking Dixon's ChimneyMural draped over a house onlooking Dixon's Chimney (Image: Stuart Walker Photography)

Chris Thomson said: "I love the murals popping up over Carlisle. Some much-needed culture in the city and excellent for tourism." 

Ellie Healey said: "Saw it yesterday and love it. We need more, it brightens things up - makes you smile," she said. 

Karen Lindsley, who saw the mural up close, described it as 'amazing'.

Linzi Davidson 'loved it' whilst admiring the beauty of the woman's earring, while Nicola Reed appreciated the way the woman's hair fills the space.

News and Star: Jacqueline De Montaigne adorns the mural with Cumbria's flower, Grass-of-ParnassusJacqueline De Montaigne adorns the mural with Cumbria's flower, Grass-of-Parnassus (Image: Stuart Walker Photography)

Dave Jock Nicol said: "There should be more around the town, as it's very smart." 

Others, such as Tony Morland, even suggested expanding mural projects to other areas, like Botchergate.

Janice Usher simply described it as 'spectacular', and Tracey Mcclurg said 'absolutely gorgeous'. 

Ben Heslop, one of Blank Wall Assassins’ directors, was proud to add the new image to the city's growing collection after years of planning with Mountelm Ltd on the perfect picture

News and Star: Blank Wall's Ben Heslop alongside artist Jacqueline De Montaigne.Blank Wall's Ben Heslop alongside artist Jacqueline De Montaigne. (Image: Stuart Walker Photography)

"The placement always has to be for the city, rather than on the city," he said. 

"It's amazing to see the depths of worldwide talent that is now on this city's streets."

The work adds to an already impressive fleet of street art murals around every corner, including Atma's visual storytelling at the Tullie House Rotunda and Tymon de Laat-designed painting of a girl from Laos, located on the side of the u-Student building on John Street, which was voted the second-most popular piece in the world in magazine Street Art Cities’ edition.

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