A CITY councillor is set to make another run at top level politics.

The Labour Party will begin its selection process in the coming weeks to find its General Election candidate for Carlisle.

And Ruth Alcroft, who represents Denton Holme and Morton South on Carlisle City Council has announced her intention to stand.

“There are no guarantees in politics” she says, “but I think given everything that’s going on nationally, it’s kind of now or never.”

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The next General Election is slated for 2024.

Cllr Alcroft has contested the Carlisle Parliamentary seat in 2017 and 2019, but recently took some time to focus on her work as a city councillor and spend quality time with the family.

“Politics is at the heart of everything and I think once you see it like that, it’s hard to give it up. For me it’s about fairness, it’s about good services.”

But having seen the turmoil in national politics in recent months, Cllr Alcroft has rediscovered the ambition to stand for Parliament as she feels change is needed.

“I feel a real sense of anger and that’s why I’m putting myself forward now. The mini-budget which has caused this absolute chaos, it’s totally ideological.

“That 45p tax rate cut, I just think that’s a gift to the very richest people in this country and I think that just shows the true colours of the people we’ve got in power.”

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Although she acknowledges it will be a difficult time for whoever forms a Government in the next General Election, she aims to play a part in a new way forward.

Cllr Alcroft said: “For me, what I want to see is absolute stability, I want a Government that’s competent, I want services that do what they’re supposed to.”

Cllr Alcroft has a positive vision for Carlisle and the wider area.

“Carlisle’s a great place to take advantage of any green new deal or green agenda.”

If selected, she hopes to champion the skills opportunities in Carlisle, believing more can be done to ensure young professionals stay in the area.

“That is an issue that is really close to my heart. I think there are so many brilliant things about living in Carlisle, we’ve got an amazing history, links to the Energy Coast.

“The sense of community is so strong, you get amazing community groups, volunteers, there’s a huge closeness in Carlisle.”

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