CONSTRUCTION work has been delayed on new homes and potential buyers have been given back their retainers - after 'shallow' mine workings were found beneath the build site.

Potential buyers from the Edgehill Park site at Whitehaven were contacted last week to be told that their houses may be delayed due to mineshafts that have only recently been discovered on the site.

It is believed that some of those affected had already paid a retainer fee for their plots - that have not yet been built on.

The homes are part of a wider site that Story Homes is building upon in the town.

In December 2020, the building company laid out plans for a further 335 homes at Edgehill Park in Whitehaven - with plans being approved in May last year.

The planning application to Copeland Council was the third phase of building at the housing development.

Story Homes has said that the 'unrecorded shallow mine work' is an isolated issue that is set to only delay a small number of homes on the site and that the construction of the homes will still take place.

A spokesperson from Story Homes said: “We can confirm that unrecorded shallow mine workings have been discovered on an area of land at Edgehill Park.

"We have identified and treated the area in accordance with the relevant regulations and as a result, have experienced some unavoidable build delays.

"We are actively engaging with customers impacted and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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