Story Homes has submitted plans for a further 335 homes at Edgehill Park in Whitehaven.

The planning application to Copeland Council is for the next phase of building at the housing development.

The housebuilder is seeking reserved matters planning permission (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for a build which will deliver 335 more homes to this location, and associated infrastructure.

The houses would occupy land between existing homes at the Edgehill development.

Senior development planner at Story Homes, David Hayward, said: “Story Homes has submitted a reserved matters planning application for phase three of our Edgehill Park development, in Whitehaven.“Our application details how the development will deliver a further 335 homes in this next phase.

"As part of this new phase, Story Homes will be offering a range of house type designs including a mixture of two, three, four and five-bedroom properties as part of ‘The Story Collection’.”

A spokesman for Story Homes said: "The Story Collection provides a range of family homes and incorporates the best of a Story home in terms of their design and elevations to retain our unique street scenes, and internal layouts to offer modern, open plan living spaces."

They say the housing scheme will have benefits for the local economy.

This will be during the construction phase as a result of direct and indirect employment opportunities through the sub-contractors and supply chains, as well as an increased demand for local services when the new houses are occupied.

Copeland Council's planning department, including officers and councillors, had recently praised the existing Edgehill Park development at an annual quality review inspection.

Story Homes anticipates a decision from Copeland Council in Spring 2021.

The public can view and comment on the proposals on the council's website at: The application is ref: 4/20/2474/0R1.