An army cadet is one of five to win a prestigious award this year.

Cadet Tamara Telford, from Cleator Moor, has been awarded the order of mercy for distinguished service for cadets in recognition of her contribution to her community and, in particular, her actions in providing life-saving first aid in her community.

Five are awarded annually.

Tamara, 17, joined the ACF in 2016, rising to the rank of corporal in 2019.

Throughout this time, Tamara has given devoted service to the community despite great personal hardship for over five years.

Tamara has regularly volunteered within her local community of Cleator Moor.

She is part of the Exchange Corner community action group, where she has brought together different groups to socialise and have a purpose where previously they would stay at home alone.

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The Knit and Natter group has enabled people to create blankets in their community to gift to those in need.

She also mentors the younger teens and children, giving guidance and setting a positive example to those she meets in the town.

Michelle Denwood, of Cleator Caring Moor said: “Her enthusiasm and respect, shown to the residents of this town has shown her to be a role model to other young people.

“She helped to decorate the town in preparation for Remembrance Weekend 2021, setting the example to others in support of veterans and their families.

“Her volunteer role within this project has been collecting and sorting of goods and then delivering those out to families in need, reaching along the whole west coast of Cumbria.

“This can build up to 20 hours volunteering a week through December and more over the days leading up to and over Christmas.”

On May 11, 2020, Tamara was faced with a terrifying incident where a local man had injured himself due to mental ill-health.

He had cut himself on the neck multiple times with a razor blade.

As she approached, she saw a woman crying as several adults just continued to walk past.

It was at that point she saw the man in need of immediate help due to the serious injuries he had sustained.

She immediately took control and started to administer first-aid.

Tamara applied direct pressure with large wads of tissues to stem the bleeding and when the paramedics arrived, she was asked to continue applying direct pressure until they were ready to take him to hospital.
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