Sheffield 53 Workington Comets 38: Workington Comets were overpowered by Sheffield in a 53-38 loss despite a show-stopping performance from reserve Adam Roynon at Owlerton.

Roynon scored 15 points from six rides but limp showings from Mason Campton and Matt Williamson combined with a paid maximum from Jason Garrity and the usual double figures from Simon Stead prevented them getting a result.

Ex-Comet Stead started as he so often does at Owlerton with a routine win, but Workington guest Ryan Douglas slotted in behind him ahead of Sissis to limit the hosts to a 4-2.

Roynon got his first win under his belt in heat two, but Williamson wound up last as the points were shared.

Douglas took the rider replacement ride in heat three for Claus Vissing but he couldn’t get the better of Dimitri Berge out in front, while Kyle Howarth passed Campton for another home 4-2.

Another guest, Michael Palm Toft, led in heat four until Garrity swept past on the second lap, while Williamson’s shaky start continued with him last again behind Nathan Greaves.

After a delay due to an electrical fault, Howarth breezed around chased by Douglas and Wells for a 3-3 in heat five.

Stead was imperious again in heat six but Roynon kept him honest with Palm Toft following to maintain the six-point gap.

Garrity produced a blistering lap ahead of Wells in heat seven, with Sissis edging Campton for a home 4-2 to put Comets at risk of taking nothing from the meeting.

Howarth then coolly rode home in front of the impressive Roynon in heat eight after first Greaves then Douglas fell to give Sheffield a 3-2. And the Tigers No3 won again in heat nine, his teammate Berge on his coattails for a 5-1 to the strengthen their grip on the meeting.

Roynon’s confidence was soaring after his first three rides as he pipped both Berge and Stead in a 3-3 in heat 10, leaving Comets 13 points adrift with five heats to go.

Skipper Ricky Wells took the responsibility of a tactical ride in heat 11 and delivered behind the untouchable Garrity, finishing second with Douglas third to claw back two points of the Sheffield lead. And Comets stunned the hosts in heat 12 with Roynon in red hot form, notching his third win with Palm Toft second to cut the gap to seven points.

But the momentum was short-lived as Stead and Garrity combined for a 5-1 in heat 13, with Palm Toft third and Wells pulling up at the back. Berge clinched victory ahead of Roynon and Campton in heat 14 to leave Comets unable to get a result, but pride was still on the line with one heat to go.

A 5-1 for Garrity and Stead in the final heat capped an impressive home performance despite a poor track and left Comets licking their wounds.

SHEFFIELD 53: Jason Garrity 14+1, Simon Stead 12+2, Kyle Howarth 11, Dimitri Berge 10+1, Arthur Sissis 3+1, Nathan Greaves 3, Josh Bates R/R.

WORKINGTON COMETS 38: Adam Roynon 15, Ryan Douglas 8+1, Michael Palm-Toft 7+2, Ricky Wells 7+1, Mason Campton 1+1, Matt Williamson 0, Claus Vissing R/R.