Workington Comets 56 Redcar Bears 34: Workington Comets secured seventh place in the final Premier League table with an assured 22-point win over Redcar on Saturday.

Bears guest Thomas Jorgensen muscled his way to the front in the opening heat, ahead of Adam Roynon and Ricky Wells, to limit the hosts to a draw.

Mason Campton was on Jye Etheridge’s heels from the start in heat two and tried a strong move on the third bend before passing for the lead, while Matt Williamson struggled behind Lee Payne.

Jonas B Andersen burst clear of Kenneth Hansen and Roynon in heat three but the Comets No 3 generated tremendous speed over the first two laps and got his man on the second bend of the third for a Comets 4-2.

A flying start for Lasse Bjerre saw him finish well ahead of ClausVissing in heat four, while Payne again had the beating of Williamson to level up the scores.

Hansen and Campton seized control of heat five, with the latter managing to keep Jorgensen quiet before heat six saw Wells and Roynon make the perfect start.

Bjerre was quickly past Roynon but couldn’t chip away at the gap to the Comets skipper as the home side secured another 4-2.

After an unsatisfactory start, Campton made a very satisfactory one in the rerun.

Jorgensen came back at him with a box office pass on the third bend, while Vissing was comfortably behind Andersen.

Roynon and Williamson were virtually racing each other in heat eight, while Busch could only follow them home after his teammate Payne retired.

Hansen was in an entertaining mood as he soared around in heat nine, but Campton couldn’t keep Bjerre at bay behind him as Workington settled for a 4-2.

Bjerre and Andersen looked set for a 5-1 until Wells managed to split the pair, while Roynon retired in heat 10.

Jorgensen romped round for another victory, followed closely by Vissing and Campton.

Hansen’s speedway masterclass continued in heat 12 with another sublime pass to beat Andersen with Williamson in third to make it 41-31.

A speedy heat 13 from Wells saw him reach the flag first, with Vissing just about getting there ahead of the tenacious Jorgensen.

Campton was cruising ahead when Hansen swung around the outside to clinch his fifth consecutive win.

Redcar elected to only enter one rider in the final heat, with Bjerre taking on Wells and Hansen.

The Comets duo clung to the inside from the start, while Bjerre tried unsuccessfully to wind it on around the outside as the pair established a strong lead to make it 56-34, with Hansen sealing a stunning six-ride maximum.

WORKINGTON COMETS 56: Kenneth Hansen 18, Mason Campton 11+3, Ricky Wells 11+2, Adam Roynon 7, Claus Vissing 6+1, Matt Williamson 3+1, Rasmus Jensen r/r

REDCAR BEARS 34: Thomas Jorgensen 11, Lasse Bjerre 11, Jonas B Andersen 7, Lee Payne 2+1, Jye Etheridge 2, Tobias Busch 1, Hugh Skidmore r/r