Carlisle United fans have been reacting to the return of Aaron Hayden as the Blues' first summer signing.

Here are some of their comments to the News & Star via social media platform X:

Far better than what we already have and at the best age. Great last time. Just hope he stays injury free. (@scholes_peter)

Good to see him back, ticks a lot of boxes in terms of personality, quality, experience and stature. Just hope he stays fit. (@mlgraham73)

We’re looking for upgrades and (if he stays fit) Hayden is definitely one. Was a starter for Wrexham when fit rather than on the bench. Strong personality in the dressing room as well according to accounts (@tim_martland)

I'm really pleased to see Aaron back. True professional, leader on and off the pitch. Great character, and he can make an impression both ends of the pitch...what's not to like (@tracy_sturgess)

We want to improve on what we already have. With Aaron we are doing that. He is better than the majority of our defence. He is a threat going forward too. He was only injured last season, before that he played nearly every game. Aye he left us blah blah blah but so did Simmo (@DJGale1983)

All comes down to fitness. If he plays 35+ games over the season he'll be immense and score a few goals. (@Bjafn_cufc)

If he stays injury free he’ll be one of the best centre backs in the league. Big if though sadly. Here’s hoping though (@cufcdanny)

Going to be incredible if he can maintain fitness and avoid injuries, but thats the hard part (@cufcjoel)

A committed professional (@navy484)

Naturally you question the injury prone aspect however a solid signing for getting out of L2. Also, thinking that regardless of what we play at the back, be it a 3 or a 4, it’s nice to get a goalscoring centre half, which we crucially lacked in League One. Good start (@Invisiblebear84)

Very pleased with this signing. (@peterjo91525330)

Good signing but definitely need another couple (@liamedmo11)

Fantastic signing if he can stay fit. Plus bringing in a first choice centre half means less chance of Lavelle playing every game again... (@PeteMcCormick6)

Quality defender if he stays fit, I just hope last season was a one off with his injuries. (@joeleigh95)

Didn't TP say we were going to change the previous players recruitment model of always going to same easy places? AH was also our club captain when he jumped ship 16 hrs before season kick-off. Left us right in the lurch! Not for me this one. (@Andythehood)

That doesn’t mean we have to turn down someone proven at this level if he becomes available just because he’s already played for us. And it’s absolute nonsense that he left us in the lurch, the club’s recruitment and squad resilience wasn’t his responsibility (@PeteMcCormick6)

A fit Aaron Hayden is a class signing. One of the right type of character PS was talking about. (@JRBulman)

Better than what we have already, good signing if he can stay fit. (@sanderson73_c)