Carlisle United have added their voice to criticism of the "disgraceful" changes to the FA Cup.

The Blues say a deal with the Premier League, which includes the scrapping of replays, has "degraded" the competition.

And United have also hit out at the lack of consultation over the move.

The club added that their director John Nixon, who sits on the FA Council, was only informed of the decision 15 minutes before it was announced.

United themselves were not consulted at all, they added in a statement.

The Cumbrians are the latest in a series of EFL club to strongly criticise the move.

The Blues' statement said: "Carlisle United condemns the decision taken by The FA and the Premier League to change the format of the Emirates FA Cup from next season.

"It is absolutely disgraceful that such fundamental changes to the format of the FA Cup have been made in this way.

"Carlisle United were not consulted at any time leading up to the decision, and as far as can be ascertained, neither were other clubs in the EFL. 

"The FA Cup, with its giant-killing history, represents the best opportunity for many clubs to create life-long memories for supporters, and it is also a hugely important source of income. It has now been degraded in this ‘deal’ with the Premier League.

"The decision was not even relayed to our FA Council representative until 15 minutes prior to its general release. We were not informed by the EFL, despite the FA media release saying it was approved by the FA Board and FA Professional Game Board.

"There are serious questions to be answered about what has taken place here.

"The total lack of respect for the football pyramid, the vast number of participants in the FA Cup and its fans is plain.

"The FA say ‘Football is For All’ and as such, so many clubs and fans should not be treated like this.

"We call on the FA to suspend the decision immediately and properly consult with the game's stakeholders."

United manager Paul Simpson has also spoken of his belief that the scrapping of replays from the first round proper onwards is "wrong".

In a further apparent indication of the lack of consultation at United's level, the Blues boss said the first he had learned of the decision was when informed by the News & Star at Thursday's press conference.

The News & Star has invited Nixon to comment individually on the controversy