Carlisle United fans gave us their views on social media platform X after the 2-0 defeat to Northampton Town that confirmed League One relegation.

Here's a selection of their comments.

From day 1 v Fleetwood, it was clear that this would be a sharp learning curve. Teams were physically bigger, stronger, and more athletic. They also had better quality. We never adapted. Lots of reasons why. Has Simmo the appetite to start again? Change is needed in squad & staff. (@BrueVander)

I think almost a total clear out is needed. New ones are the best we have plus Mellish and Butterworth. Need some strong, demanding characters to come in with more fight and passion. (@scholes_peter)

Been an awful season on the pitch, was always going to be difficult this season. Looks like it’s going to be a busy summer at BP with all of the off field improvements planned. Recruitment needs to be much more successful in the summer, retained/released list interesting (@andrewhoddie)

Inevitable relegation. In my experience football success is a product of momentum built between club and fans. That carried us onwards from avoiding non-league to Wembley and promotion. Simmo has squandered every single ounce of that this season, huge job to turn round again. (@McCarlisle1)

We had a chance to stay up but a failure to add the quality needed immediately the Jan transfer window opened cost us. Our failure sits squarely in that camp. Recruitment was appalling, except Neal better than Mox. I don't trust the scouts to turn it around. They will waste money (@adydent67)

Strong winds made this not a day for football, and the team obliged by not playing any. Utterly joyless experience watching them. Our main problem, as it has been all season, is our strikers' inability to score. At the moment Armstrong & Kelly don't look like the solution. (@MikeEwins)

Whilst we weren’t especially good up to Xmas we were far from down and the transfer window was an opportunity to put some quality and fight into the squad by as it turned out we just got worse. And that is on the manager/ recruitment team and to a lesser extent the new owners (@Glass942)

This performance sums up our season, lack of quality, determination and lack of vision on the pitch, Failure to attract the quality players in summer, living off scraps. This is by no means all Simmo's fault but a culmination of events, New owner's money needs spending wisely. (@peterjo91525330)

I don’t think Simpson could have picked a much different team after Botchergategate other than starting Fin Back. Neal excepted, the midfield and full backs aren’t good enough. Moxon has been a big loss. (@ostrichtowers)

Much rather be well and truly RELEGATED in bottom place than miss out by a point or even worse goal difference ! Serious questions need answered about ...well everything that's gone on really. (@LindaNi121202)

With the exception of Armer and Mellish we need a complete clean out - none of the strikers have proved their worth (@Paulwal93886844)

Thank goodness social media hadn’t been invented in 1963. We kept our opinions to ourselves, kept supporting the club, and … look what happened. We were just and feared not. (@NotInSeddon)

Strange one. The football product has been below par this year but I’ve never felt as content and secure as a CUFC fan as I do now (Piatak factor). I’m a Simpson fan. Let’s see what things look like at the end of September then review accordingly #UpTheBlues (@barry_jungles)

Took my two grandkids to the match today; had to wake them up when it was all over! Such a dull game. On the positive; I told them that they have witnessed history today - they both witnessed the last relegation this mighty club will have to endure! Up the Blues!! (@Rob12028565)

Not sure Simmo is the man to take us forward I’m afraid. Failed to motivate the dressing room, failed to play our better players and hasn’t taken any responsibility for this season. Hope I am proved wrong though.. (@richard84408640)

Poor big rebuild needed has Simmo made his mind up on certain players for his project? (@liamedmo11)

Simpson and the rest of the management team need to take responsibility for a truly awful season. However as usual he will blame the players, heap praise on the opposition teams like they were Man City and blame recruitment as if someone else did it! (@derekbaty)

Two poor sides in game dominated by wind. Game summed up season get on top but can't create good chances from the possession. Forwards feeding off scraps (@frostie_)

It's been a terrible season.... but let's be honest, we almost got promoted by accident last year. The squad was nowhere nearer L1 level, and the budget was low L2 in the summer. We never had a chance. The takeover came too late. But we are in safe hands for the longer term. (@northumbrian_)

I don’t care that Simmo saved us, then got us up, but we have been rubbish, we went down without much fight, so Simmo and Abbott have both got to go, I know the Piataks don’t want Simmo to go, but he can not waste anymore of their money, Utb (@johnstone_91522)

Absolute one else would have been given as much time ...6 games in next season could be make or break for management team ...not good enough statistics don't lie !! (@Eden6669)