Paul Simpson says a disciplinary decision is expected this week on certain Carlisle United players – and pledged there would be “consequences.”

The Blues manager confirmed he omitted certain individuals from his squad for the defeat at Northampton Town which confirmed relegation from League One.

Simpson did not name any players but notable by their absence on Saturday were Jordan Gibson and Alfie McCalmont.

It follows an announcement from the club that they had started a disciplinary process after footage emerged of players on a night out less than 48 hours before last Monday’s defeat to Lincoln City.

United’s manager said the club was still in the process of gathering all the evidence and information it could about the incidents.

“Unfortunately because of that situation some players weren’t available – everybody is probably coming to their own conclusions who they are,” said Simpson.

“I’m still not prepared to name anybody but we will make it clear next week when decisions are made.

“Some foolish decisions have been made and there has to be consequences to that.”

News and Star: Carlisle - without certain players left out for disciplinary reasons - lost 2-0 at Northampton as relegation was confirmedCarlisle - without certain players left out for disciplinary reasons - lost 2-0 at Northampton as relegation was confirmed (Image: Richard Parkes)

United issued a statement last Thursday followed by comments from Simpson, who said he had seen photographs and video footage about the incident in question.

He said he wanted to establish the full facts before confirming any action on players involved.

Asked by the News & Star on Saturday if he and United were now in possession of all the facts, he said: “Not quite, no.

“We’ve got a lot of information, we’ve spoken to the players concerned, and unfortunately because of the situation I didn’t feel it was right for players to be involved in this game, because it’s ongoing.

“I would like to think, by the end of next week, we will have a resolution to it, once we get all the information together.

“I think you know the way I am – if I could tell you I would tell you, but unfortunately I’m not in a position where I can say any more [at the moment].”

Asked if, in light of his comments, the players concerned would again be ruled out of availability for Tuesday’s trip to Cheltenham Town, Simpson said: “Unless we make a decision that we’ve found enough information to deal with it [before then].

“But as I stand here now, because I haven’t spoken to anybody since before the game, I don’t know if that’s the case.”

Simpson added that it was a “hugely disappointing” situation, adding: “These are things that happen when you’re struggling – you get players who are not doing things properly, unfortunately.”