Carlisle United fans gave us their reaction on social media platform X after the 3-1 home defeat to Lincoln City - here's a selection of their comments.

The first half was a calamity. The team looked disjointed and unable to pass to each other. Second half, after a half time rocket, they looked much better until we gifted Lincoln a breakaway goal. This season can't end soon enough. (@BruceVander)

A team that has proven over the season they can’t play more than once a week. First half was awful, poor first goal to give away, second goal a calamity. Recruitment has to be much better than this season and need a strong start or changes will be needed. (@andrewhoddie)

The season in microcosm. Periods of effort raising hopes but far more time chasing shadows. Ultimately not up to standard whether touch, passing, finishing or set plays and well beaten. Promising signs from Kelly - more signings like him this summer please (@tim_martland)

More than enough chances to get something. Poor in both boxes. That second goal was just comical. Bring on the summer. (@parkinsonross_

Butterworth looked as surprised as the rest of us when his number came up. The less said about the first half the better. Positioning on the wall incredibly suspect from where I was sat. Painful stuff again. (@buzzisbackCUFC)

Thought we played ok. If at least 1 of them goes in at the start of the 2nd half different game. That said still a gulf in class in certain areas but some positives. Kelly again. Get to end of the season and shot of the deadwood (@spendercufc)

I think Simmo's after match comments summed it up. Poor first half, seemed like either a lack of effort or lack of game plan or both, Second half much better, but still we gift wrap goals for the opposition by stupid errors. We just don't do ourselves any favours. (@peterjo91525330)

The xG ended up something like 1.40 - 0.85. Lincoln City converted 3 pretty low-probability chances. Major squad surgery is obviously required. The bad news is we have players under contract who aren’t good enough. The good news is the January signings have improved the squad. (@ostrichtowers)

Just another defeat this time on a Monday, with the usual bizarre substitutions, but hey we're told it’ll be ok next season, I guess we will see on that one (@keithelliott94)

Bullet proof isn’t bullet proof anymore. All over the place today apart from the ten after half time. @CastleSportsGrp have a crucial summer ahead in order to get us ready for a promotion push in L2. Mascots were ace (@ReiverPhil)

Awful first half, but we had enough chances in the early part of the second half (mostly created by Gibson) to have got a draw or even a win. Our strikers remain completely ineffectual in front of goal. (@MikeEwins)

Routine defeat for us today. Yes we generally have poor quality players but Lincoln showed us another aspect we are woeful at. They constantly had 3 coaches strategising the game while the No19 received and passed information. Another level in game management. (@Andythehood)

Story of the season, completely inconsistent, was that the same team that played at Peterborough? (@WaltonTipping)

Futsal won today… when Lincoln defended they had a diamond in the middle, perfect 4-0 Futsal formation for defending taught by ex England manager Michael Skubala who I interviewed when Max Kilman was in the England squad. Our players couldn’t read the game and had no response. (@James220203)

Do we have to? Anyone witnessing that first half display would think they'd stumbled on a training session from @officialcufc  anyway. All the energy of Friday was long gone, even Mellish was MIA as was Butterworth. Plain to see McGeouch and Charters were missed. Poor all round! (@LindaNi121202)

Putting that aside Diamond standing chatting with one of their players while his team mates did the usual and came off together. There is a time and place and it didn't go unnoticed (@vanqate)

This ST holder will sit out the remaining two home games. I left at half time: Tesco turned out to be more entertaining. (@AyeCumbrian)

Decent effort from a mid table L2 side against much better opponents. We are so slow all over the park it’s embarrassing (@Glass942)

Out of his depth thanks Simmo but time to stand aside (@paulhayton9989)

Mental substitutions again, no idea what shape we were meant to be in and I don't think the players knew either. Complete defence wipe out is needed and a new look at how we play, whether that's management or on field leadership. (@DavidJav9954)