By Dave Noble - CUOSC

Down and all but out, yet a fantastic following to Charlton came away disappointed with the result but surely entertained and hopeful at the prospects of better days to come, with an encouraging performance from the Blues.

Save for an individual error or two, we would have travelled home with a well deserved share of the spoils, if not all three points.

Some will rightfully point to a ninth defeat in ten, but if it’s possible to have such, this was a ‘better’ defeat than the previous eight.

Hampered again by the Great British Rail network’s propensity for last minute timetable obliterations, all credit to the travelling support in excess of 850 taking to air, road and for a change of pace, river to reach The Valley.

Another 3-2 reversal after taking the lead on Tuesday night versus high flying Barnsley was again highly frustrating. As it now only seems an inevitable matter of time before we confirm our way back to League Two after the briefest of stays, this upturn in performances is something to at least cling to.

Whether we fall to relegation or not, there has been more very encouraging news off the pitch with the millstone of the Purepay historic debt within sight of being removed from the club books bringing to a close a very sorry saga in the club's recent history.

Now that the historic debt has been put behind us, the club is in a very strong position to move forward with the Piatak promise of a debt-free club.

Our 'future of CUOSC' questionnaire has received over 500 responses from current members, and a further 300 since we released it to non-members. We are so grateful for all the responses and will be using the data gathered in order to guide the organisation going forward in a way that echoes the desires of supporters.

But don’t despair, if you still haven’t completed the questionnaire it will remain open until the end of March. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and can be found via our website and social media channels or by clicking HERE

Head over to our website to join and be a part of the CUOSC future. It currently costs £10 for an adult and £5 for seniors and under-18s