It was once said of the late and much-missed BBC Radio Cumbria commentator Derek Lacey that he was a good man to bump into. I think it was Stephen Dunn who said that: a man who fits that description himself.

Were you having a good, bad or indifferent day, encountering Degsy in the supermarket, a bar or simply in the street would set you right.

I always thought that sounded like a lovely way to be remembered: that people simply liked seeing you, enjoyed your company, and then went on their way a few percentage points happier.

You might not put that on a CV or brag about it on LinkedIn but it sounds like the measure of a person much more than many other supposedly more serious variables.

We all know people like that, and another has just taken his leave of Carlisle United after 15 years of service.

Football clubs can be stressful, anxious places, even suspicious places in less-than-good times, but any time you encountered Colin Nixon at Brunton Park over this period, you would never have known that any clouds were present.

It could have been a relegation battle or a promotion campaign, a managerial regime for the dustbin or one for the annals, a period of light or one of dismay, and the greeting would always be similar: cheerful, happy, approachable, open.

United’s kitman since 2010 was liked by the many who worked with him, but was also, frequently, a friendly first face people might see when arriving at Brunton Park on any given day.

He always made you feel good to be there, even when the reasons for being there were less buoyant - and probably deserves a greater send-off than he's so far had. So thanks, Col, and happy retirement.