An amputee goalkeeper from Carlisle has appeared on a viral YouTube video, saving shots from famous footballing content creators.

Thomas Atkinson, was born without his left hand, and represents Legia Warsaw and the England Amputee National team.

He featured on Chris MD's (Chris Dixon) most recent video, in which he, Wroetoshaw (Harry Lewis) and Behzinga (Ethan Payne), were challenged to take 100 shots against Thomas.

Atkinson is well used to winning, having helped England to their first Nations League title since 1989, and he was always going to put on an impressive display in front of the cameras, especially considering Chris MD's near six-million subscribers. 

After the video was posted on February 20, it has amassed nearly one million views already, which will have provided a big boost to England's hopes of reaching Euro 24, which is currently reliant on a fundraiser. 

Chris Dixon has also donated £500 to help the fundraiser reach £4,000 of its £30,000 target, which will allow the England team to compete at this summer’s European Championships in France.

During the video, the three content creators take shots from a wide range of distances and angles, including 20 free-kicks, 20 roll-out shots, 20 edge of D shots, and finally 20 penalties. 

Thomas suggested early doors that the three YouTubers might have more luck than usual given the bigger goals, and the penalties were switched to his more accustomed nine-a-side size goals.

Given that ChrisMD, Wroetoshaw and Behzinga have all scored goals against some top-quality goalkeepers in the professional game in previous videos, including three against Arsenal shot-stopper Aaron Ramsdale, this was always going to be tough for Thomas, who set himself the challenge of conceding 20 goals or fewer in the 100 shots he faced. 

After some incredible saves and world-class finishes, Thomas had conceded 12 goals from 80 attempts, meaning he had to keep out at least 11 of the remaining 20 penalties.

Some clinical spot kicks saw them reach 20 with a few penalties still remaining but Thomas earned himself a prized Lionel Messi shirt when Chris dragged the final shot wide.