By Dave Noble - CUOSC

This week's rallying cry is brought to you with assistance from, among others Bill, Winston, Maximus, General Patton, Arya, Pele & Alan Partridge...

Once more unto the pitch, dear friends, once more;

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Carlisle, we shall fight with growing confidence in the air, we shall defend our goal, whatever the cost may be.

We shall fight them in the Bristols, Burtons and the Charltons.

We shall never surrender.

Victory at all costs, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without it (well at least 25 points or more) there is no survival.

Before America entered this war, I knew we could not win it, but after they entered I knew we could not lose.

We have before us several long months of struggle.

Winter is coming, we know what's coming with it. When people ask you what happened here, tell them 'The North Remembers.' Protect the North. Own The North.

We are not holding position, we are advancing constantly, our plan of operation is to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under or through the enemy

Whatever comes out of that tunnel, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together. The silence before you score and the noise afterwards. It rises. It rises up, like a storm.

Do you understand? If we stay together, we survive. At the Referee's whistle, Unleash hell.

What feats he did that day: then shall our names, familiar in his mouth as household words
Simmo the King, Mellish and Neal, Armstong and Gibson, Armer and Lavelle.

We few, we happy few, we band of Brunton Brothers. We cannot go back and change the beginning, but we can start where we are and change the ending. If we quit now, we lose more than a game.

Play some liquid football. Put some football pie all over the goalie's shirt.

Back of the Net!

They may take our points but they will never take our freedom! Cathair Luail gu bra.

Cry 'God for Carlisle, Cumbria and for Paul'

Keep faith in the Blue Army. God Save the King

(This obviously is most rousing if delivered by one of the great orators of our age: Ken Branagh, Charles Dance or James Phillips, but you get the idea)...