A CUMBRIAN parkrun celebrated its 10th anniversary in style last weekend with coffee and cake.

Penrith Parkrun hosted its first race on Saturday, February 8 and 10 years later it held its 441st on Saturday, February 10.

In that time, the 5k event has recorded 13,688 different finishers with 85,799 finishes in total. 

Parkrun wouldn't be possible without the passionate volunteers and Penrith has seen 470 in the past 10 years. 

A remarkable 12,569 personal best times have also been recorded in the past decade, with the regular running clearly proving beneficial for those who continue to return, time after time. 

After 441 races, the average finish time stands at 28 minutes and 22 seconds.

As the morning properly emerged and the crowds gathered to hear Andrew Richardson deliver his familiar humorous run brief it was clear that this was going to be a bumper edition.

33 volunteers were there making it all happen for the 374 participants who ran, jogged and walked their way around the route on what turned out to be a beautiful cool still day, with participants recording 359 personal bests between them.

Mike Parker - a true stalwart at Penrith, has been there from the start of the event 10 years ago and this run marked his 350th volunteer stint.

On Facebook, Penrith Parkrun wrote: "116 runners and 12 volunteers took part in the very first Penrith Parkrun. Some of those are still regularly attending Parkrun 10 years later.

"At the start who would have imagined 10 years later it would be the start to everyone’s weekend. Happy birthday to us and here is to the next 10 years!

"Wow what an amazing way to celebrate our 10th birthday, our fourth highest attendance and the most since January 2020.

"We hope you enjoyed the run the atmosphere was brilliant!! Thanks for your patience in the queues for the teas, coffees and cakes.

"We like to think of Penrith Parkrun as a family and everyone who has ran and volunteered over the last decade have helped to make our run such a positive experience each week."