Carlisle United fans gave us their views on social media platform X after the 1-0 home defeat to Portsmouth - here's a selection of their comments.

Much better performance with unfortunately the same result. Better team first half but lack of real quality off the bench meant we lost control once we tired. Have to back that up at Burton. If we are going down let’s go down scrapping like that. (@parkinsonross)

There were positives, honest. For example, the midfield was stronger for 55 mins. Lewis in goal is generally reliable, and Armstrong runs his socks off. The real positive is the refresh in the coaching staff. Hopefully, Barr will breathe new life into the squad. (@BruceVander)

Must back up that performance at Burton, although we’ve said that plenty of times this season and been left disappointed. One lapse in discipline proved the difference. (@nathan_ridley_)

Reasonable first half. Second half, back to the mistakes. Again, there is no service for Armstrong. Levels of performance from some players is not acceptable. (@carlisl9125)

We are now destined for 2nd Division football due to poor recruiting, coaching and tactics. I'm a Simmo fan but recently his judgement with regard to selection of the starting 11 and game planning is suspect. I will support the Blues until I die but mistakes have been made. (@peterjo91525330)

Played better this week until Diamond went off then there was no outlet and it was back to the walls again like we've seen so many weeks and the defence can't cope with constant pressure. All the subs had no impact. Why take Neal off, he's one of the better players? (@Flatfishy)

Definitely looked better today. Still empty up front, feel sorry for Armstrong not getting any help. I wish Gibbo would stop taking pot shots so much. That multiple substitution killed the game completely. On to Burton (@Davvytommo)

Just don't understand (however much effort may be evident) how/why we cannot muster shots at goal or crosses into the box. The stats are embarrassing week in week out. Why after 31 games these players cannot play a system that gets the best out of them? (@Andythehood)

Both teams one shot on target each, can’t remember ours, competitive I guess particularly first half, nothing off the bench and another defeat which is the bottom line, well it’s the normal bench mark anyway (@keithelliott94)

An attacking performance that we have not seen since last season. A recognisable shape that was kept for most of the match. A show of promise of what could be possible. I actually really enjoyed the match despite the score line. (@navy484)

It's official we can't buy a win at the moment! Top vs bottom yes, and first half you wouldn't have known it, but a lack of depth of talent to bring on was never really gonna change it however hard they tried, and by then the opposition were cruising. Fans sticking with it (@LindaNi121202)

Better…however can’t even remember a shot on goal. Mellish in midfield continues to frustrate me and many of the fan base, and can somebody explain how you keep Jon on and take off Harrison Neal who was by a distance Carlisle's best player? (@Reay78)

Played well 1st half without hurting them. Start of the 2nd we seemed too open but then did well to settle back down. Took a good goal to win it but we had little threat going forward. V-good team Pompey. We must take that level of effort into next game. Neal excellent! #cufc (@fish_blues)

Better then what anyone expected, be interested if we can play like that two games in a row now (@cufcaidan)

Decent showing from us, seemed a shame to lose but, the truth is, we didn’t do enough to win it. (@havenmarra)

Neal excellent and well deserved MOTM. We played well out of possession, looked more or a team than in recent weeks. I just think that some of Simmo's decisions back end of last year have cost us, not making changes sooner in games and Barr appointment sooner. (@ca1_blue)

Plenty of effort but sorely lack in pace, athleticism and composure. Neal MoM by a country mile (@DOwens_)

Same same same same again. We can pass it about, yes. Can we dissect a decent mid/def, NO. How many saves did their goalie make? Zero. Tactically inept. (@Shady_Sadie_)