A CUMBRIAN speedway club is set to sign a 22-year-old German rider who is the world female number one.

Celina Liebmann, from Munich, will join the 2024 Workington Comets' seven-rider team.

Celina is currently the female world number one and the Workington Comets believe she will be the first female rider in the history of British Speedway to join a professional British speedway club.

She made history in 2022 when she became the first woman to appear in the SGP2 FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series, the club said.

She has previously raced at Northside and other UK venues having been invited to compete in the Women’s Open Championship this year. The Comets were impressed by her 12-point maximum on the day.

Promoter Andrew Bain said: “When we saw Celina flying around Northside in June it stuck in our minds.

“She was very quick that day, her times proved that. So come the start of our team building for 2024, her name had to be on the team sheet.

News and Star: Celina LiebmannCelina Liebmann (Image: Workington Comets)

“We got in touch with her and straight away her enthusiasm was fantastic, she was very complimentary of the track and how she loved it here in June - so from that it was easy to get her on board.

“Celina is adding to an already strong team for 2024, our fans should be getting very excited!

"She will be a valuable asset to the team in the Championship next season and we can only see even more improvement from her.”