DPFCC Mike Johnson attended Workington Community Boxing Academy to hear more about how the Property Fund supported the club.

The Property Fund is held by the OPFCC which receive funds from the Police (Property) Act 1997 and the Powers of Criminal Courts Act 1973, which the PFCC then distributes to community-based causes that enable young and vulnerable people to be supported via local clubs, groups and activities.

The Academy successfully applied for £2500 to purchase a boxing ring, four punch bags and brackets, skipping ropes, head guards and gloves – all the required equipment to set up an England Boxing Affiliated Boxing Club. The club supports up to 50 attendees per night, welcoming all age ranges, with a focus on those who are disadvantaged.

By supporting up to 50 people per night, the club aimed to get kids off the streets, introduce self-discipline, healthy eating, competitiveness, and the importance of hard work and teamwork. The Academy are also keen to work with young offenders to help change their outlook on life, provide them with a positive diversion and reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime in the community.

Deputy police, fire and crime commissioner, Mike Johnson, said: “The Property Fund has provided the Workington Community Boxing Academy with the opportunity to buy more equipment and encourage more residents of all ages to come along and take part in a positive activity.

“It is clear from my visit and meeting some of their members, that the Academy are providing local children with a safe space to go, meet different people and develop new skills."

Alex Strutt, a leader at Workington Community Boxing Academy, said: “We are very thankful for the help with funding to get our club up and running. We couldn’t do it without this kind of support."

PCSO Rachel Pape, Allerdale neighbourhood policing team, added: “It is pleasing to see that money generated and seized from those who commit crime is redistributed into very worthwhile initiatives within our communities."