Carlisle United’s Paul Simpson and Owen Moxon have reached out to the young Nottingham Forest player who broke his leg at Brunton Park.

Manager Simpson visited Sam Collins in hospital yesterday while Moxon, who was involved in the challenge that left Collins with a broken tibia, has also been in touch with the Forest Under-21s’ captain.

The 19-year-old was stretchered off in the closing stages of Tuesday’s EFL Trophy tie.

Simpson said both he and midfielder Moxon were keen to make contact with Collins to check on his well being after the incident.

United’s manager said: “I rang Warren Joyce, the Forest coach, to see how he [Collins] was.

“I know Joycey was annoyed on Tuesday night and I wanted to check it wasn’t something we’d done as a football club. It wasn’t that, it was something else which we don’t need to go into.

“He told me the lad was still in hospital in Carlisle. First of all they were struggling to get a bed for him nearer to home which is Leicester, then they got a bed for him but couldn’t get transport for him to get home, so he was still in the fracture clinic [in Carlisle].

“I went down yesterday afternoon. I wanted to see him face to face. I went into the medical room on Tuesday night but he was in a really bad way – he was puffing on the oxygen and the pain relief.

“He seemed in a really good place yesterday – he seems a really bright kid, a really intelligent lad.

“I had a good chat with him just about football and stuff, and wished him all the best.

“I knew Mox had a little series of texts with him as well. Mox had been in touch to check he was ok.

“Mox wanted to apologise for it happening but in all fairness to Sam he said it was two fully-committed players going for the ball, there was no malice in it, it was just unfortunate he was on the wrong side of it.”

Collins, in a social media post, said he was “gutted” to have broken his tibia with the promising young Premier League player set for months on the sidelines.

He also pledged to come back stronger from the injury which he suffered in Forest U21’s 2-0 win at United’s ground.

On Moxon’s involvement, Simpson added: “I think it was quite good for Owen to hear from the guy himself that he didn’t feel as though there was any malice involved and it was one of those full blooded tackles.

“These things can happen at any point, there are many challenges that as a coach on the sideline you look and think oh no, something bad’s going to happen. I could see that one coming.

“Owen was fine but unfortunately someone’s come out on the wrong side of it.

“But I’m sure he’ll get good care and attention and will be back fighting fit soon, because he looks a bloody good player.”