FOLLOWING a weekend of rugby league action, Whitehaven will be maintaining their position in the Betfred Championship.

The club and the fans are equally delighted for the team who have seen difficulties on and off the pitch over the past season.

Head coach, Jonty Gorley said: "I'm relieved. It's not great hanging on for another team to get a win in the last seven minutes of the season.

"We haven't been great this year, we've had some good results but we're in a position where we've hung on by our fingernails to stay in the Championship, and it isn't something to celebrate, I don't think, being so close to relegation.

"With everything that's gone on, it's a testament to the lads, and digging in against Toulouse on Saturday was a great effort.

"They're a good side, Toulouse, and they got a try with around five minutes to go. It was 22-16, which I was happy with, but turned to 26-16 after they got a try.

"The way Swinton and Keighley played yesterday made it a real nerve-racking afternoon but we need to be better than what we are.

"If we'd played the way we had against Toulouse over the past few weeks we wouldn't have been in this position.

"Fair play to the lads they've got us over the line again under really testing circumstances this year, with injuries and what's been going on with the club."