SPORTS pundit and former footballer Gary Lineker will return to Match Of The Day after a weekend of disruption for the BBC's sports output.

Lineker "stepped back" from the show after criticising the Government's migration policy on Twitter.

Sky News reported that it understands the broadcaster will apologise to the presenter after a chaotic few days for the corporation.

Here's how readers reacted.

Phil Mckay said: "Do you tune into Match of the Day for the programme or do you tune into it to watch Gary Lineker. Give other presenters a chance. We have great presenters on local radio who could do the job."

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David N Lesley Havelock added: "Needs to stick to what he's paid for - i.e. sports pundit," while Graham Nutt said: "The whole programme should be scrapped."

Adrian Strand commented: "Being a Leeds fan I only watch when we win so rarely watch it at all."

Mark Ritson said: "Nice one Gary, not only did they want him back, he has also been allowed the freedom to have his own opinions expressed on his own Twitter account without restriction. A victory for freedom of speech."


Anne Wright said: "Get rid of them all plenty more to take their place."

Iain JM said: "Yes nice one Gary," and Egils Zivtins said he was 'a giant of a man'.

Kevin Grove said: "Makes you laugh the reason people defended him was freedom of speech and he is a sports presenter and kept politics out of his job. He got his job back as a sports presenter and people are talking politics."