PAUL Simpson has issued a message to his Carlisle United squad as the January transfer window approaches.

With less than a month to go until Carlisle can begin buying and selling players in the winter window, the Blues boss has challenged his squad to maintain their established levels this season.

Simpson also laid out his expectations for players who may be thinking about playing for moves.

He said: "I'll be really disappointed if any of these players get their fingers out and suddenly do anything because we are coming up to a January window.

"I think they are better professionals than that, I think the way they go about it, they have been consistent so far and we've got to carry it on."

In addition Simmo detailed that he only wants his players to be thinking about what is best for Carlisle United.

He said: "If they're doing it to do the best for Carlisle United, but they have also got it in their mind that they want to go and play somewhere else, so long as they do it properly for Carlisle United then that's all I am bothered about.

"They have to just keep maintaining standards day in day out with what they do on the training pitch, how they live their life away from the football club and then what they do on a matchday as well.

"If they do it really well and somebody bigger and from a higher division comes and takes them, there's not a lot we can do about that.

"We just have to shake their hand and thank them for what they have done and wish them all the best."

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