Outspoken former Carlisle United manager Roddy Collins has hit out at Sky Sports – and TalkSport presenter Simon Jordan.

The colourful ex-Brunton Park boss spoke out over coverage of chants at a recent Celtic game.

Collins said he is going to cancel his Sky Sports subscription after the broadcaster apologised to viewers who heard offensive chants about the Queen.

It came during a Scottish top-flight game against St Mirren.

Banners and chants against the Royal Family were picked up by the broadcaster, leading commentator Ian Crocker to say: “Apologies if you were offended by anything you might have heard. Most people showed respect - some did not."

Yet that did not go down well with Irish manager Collins – and nor did Jordan’s call for Celtic to be punished after similar chants at a Champions League game against Shakhtar Donetsk, which was shown on BT Sport.

Writing in the Irish Daily Star, Collins – United boss from 2001-3 – said: “I’ll be cancelling my Sky account this week.

“To hear them apologise for the behaviour of Celtic supporters really ****** me off.

“800 years of oppression and there is a certain cohort that wants us to just suck it up and go away.”

Collins said he did not “condone” some of the chanting heard at certain grounds in recent weeks.

He said much of it was down to “a bunch of kids” who had “little or no understanding of the Troubles or our past”.

But he felt former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan was out of order when he called for Uefa to punish Celtic.

The pundit said the chants crossed a line between “criticism and abuse” and called on Celtic to condemn their own fans for putting the club at risk of punishment.

Collins said: “Jordan was once chairman of a club that boasts some very boisterous fans. I’ve been in their ground and their chants aren’t always good natured.

“As for Ibrox at the weekend, I didn’t hear anyone condemn the Rangers fans’ songs about the famine.

“Jordan might be a royalist but he needs to keep his head down here and respect the fact that the whole world doesn’t share his point of view.

“To say Celtic and their fans should be reprimanded shows a lack of education on his part.

He should research all the facts about the foundation of Celtic. He should look into why a population of immigrants headed for Scotland from Donegal.

“The banner that hung from the away section in Warsaw last week wouldn’t be how I’d word my views on the English crown, opposed as I am to monarchy.

“But there are a large number of Celtic fans who would feel strongly against the royals.”

Collins' autobiography, The Rodfather, is due to publication next month.