Several questions are still unanswered at Carlisle United and, given the apparent and continued reluctance of certain figureheads and club associates to put themselves forward for interviews, appear set to remain that way.

That doesn’t stop us asking them, though. Such as:

- What (for the umpteenth time) happened to the “Plan B and C” on “succession” referred to by John Nixon last summer but not since – despite Carlisle having moved into a place where a Plan B would seem very helpful?

- What was the nature of the “takeover” deal the owners wanted but CUOSC did not – one that, according to the trust in December, would not have seen an immediate and total change of control? What was that all about?

- How is it, exactly, that long discussions with “quiet supporters” who want a “flourishing club at the heart of Carlisle” (Edinburgh Woollen Mill spokesperson, November 2019) have resulted in no takeover but considerable debt and escalating interest?

- What, along the same lines, was it about the EFL’s requirements that saw an initial EWM takeover stall? What immovable obstacles were in the way to a firm or connected parties with such a stated passion for United's prosperity?

- What is the long-term outlook for individuals connected to EWM/Purepay/Philip Day who remain at the Blues even though that takeover is no more?

- What is the exact nature of the Blues’ scouting network which led, very late in the day, to the flurry of January transfer deadline signings they made?

- Why has United’s director of football given no interviews, either through official channels or the wider media, since October, hence there being no opportunity to ask about certain key matters (such as the appointment of Keith Millen, and the recruitment patterns which have brought United to third-bottom of the EFL) or even some straightforward ones?

- Why do the Blues’ owners themselves communicate in a paltry way with fans in this time of crisis – either through Andrew Jenkins’ programme notes, or not at all?

- What is United’s overarching strategic vision now and who will drive it? Can there even be one, until all that debt is dealt with? Which will be...when?

- How does much of the above square with the Blues’ cherished reputation for “fan engagement” and transparency?

It may be possible to point to circumstances when some of these have been addressed to a point. But in emphatic, clarifying detail?

The question marks remain.