Carlisle United have said that fans were NOT thrown out of Brunton Park for displaying an anti-board banner.

Some young supporters were removed from the ground amid protests during December’s FA Cup tie against Shrewsbury Town.

A banner saying ‘Get out of our club’, aimed at the Blues’ owners, was held up in the Paddock, with some fans subsequently led out of the stadium.

Chief executive Nigel Clibbens has now said that the banner was confiscated because it did not comply with safety guidelines.

But he said the decision to eject fans from Brunton Park was because they had thrown objects onto the pitch – not because of the banner.

The News & Star invited the Blues to comment on the incidents on the evening after the December 4 game but did not get a response.

Clibbens has now discussed the matter in notes accompanying a supporters’ group meeting held earlier this week.

He said his comments were in response to questions raised directly by fans.

He said: “A ‘bed-sheet’ was confiscated on safety grounds at the Shrewsbury game as it was it in breach of the club banner policy, and our stadium safety licence.

“The position and approach to banners that was taken at the game was as I outlined previously.

“Nobody was ejected, except for throwing objects on the pitch to stop the game.

“Those ejected included two under-18s who threw balls and appeared later in the Paddock holding the bed-sheet banner.

“Their ejection was not for having a banner, contrary to reports elsewhere.”

Clibbens said those ejected had not been banned by the Blues.

On banners, he said those that complied with the banner policy would be admitted, highlighting protest banners displayed by Oldham fans at Brunton Park earlier this season.

United’s banner policy says the club “do not generally” confiscate flags and banners but they would do so if they obstruct access routes in the ground.

Flags attached to wooden or metal poles are not allowed and they are not permitted to obscure advertising hoardings.

“Large flags in standing areas are NOT allowed as they can obscure views of the crowd, especially the activities of anyone intent on causing trouble,” the club charter adds.

“In seated areas only small or medium size flags that have been made out of flame retardant material or have been fire proofed, and there is a valid certificate of authenticity, will be permitted in these areas.

“In addition, they can only be positioned on seats not occupied or along the back wall of the grandstand.

“Large flags, or those not fire proofed, can be hung on the crush barriers in the Petteril End if the area is not in use. This applies to both sets of supporters and can be arranged with the Safety Officer via Supervisor stewards on the day.

“Flags with signs, slogans or messages that are considered to be unsuitable or offensive will be refused entry or removed at the discretion of the Safety Officer.

“These include those of containing offensive, defamatory, discriminatory or inflammatory messages.

“If you have any queries or wish to bring a flag or banner you must contact the club.”

Clibbens, meanwhile, reported that objects including a bottle and a vape were thrown at travelling Bradford fans at last Saturday’s game, and this had been the subject of a complaint from a Bradford supporter.

The chief executive asked fan representatives to put out a “firm message about behaviour inside the ground”.