Carlisle United's troubled season continued with a 2-0 home defeat to Harrogate Town at Brunton Park.

Worried fans shared their views on the team and club's plight with the News & Star on Twitter afterwards. Here is a selection of their comments.

Where to start? Don’t think anyone can pretend now that we will suddenly turn the corner. Confidence totally gone across the pitch and in the terraces too. A thread bare team playing awful football. (@SamTJohnston24)

It's hard being a Carlisle fan at the moment. There is very little to be positive about. The players are working but there is a distinct lack of quality. The lack of potency in front of goal is clearly the biggest issue, but a lack of leaders is equally as worrying. Scary times. (@BenJoseph0157)

We looked solid enough at the back.....but our mistakes were punished. We created few chances up front....& of those, made nothing of them. THAT is the very best we can offer right now. THAT. That is why this team, without dramatic January intervention, will be relegated. (@1StevieKilner)

Probably dominated possession first half, no creativity, no cutting edge, no ******* idea. Two great chances missed at crucial times of the game. Worrying times. (@bluearmy35)

The positives if there are any is that we made a number of gilt edged chances. The negatives are that we can't score, not even the open goal. It's killing us game after game. Holdsworth is as much to blame as Beech for this deficiency and so is the BoD and Day. (@BruceVander)

After sadly hearing about Joe Laidlaw, I’m just so glad I saw the late 60s/early 70s glory years. When will blues fans ever see his like - or Baldy, Hughie, Bowles - again? Can’t fault the players for effort, but a decade’s absence of ambition is finally coming home to roost. (@j_michaelb)

No lack of effort tonight, created enough chances to score but were missed and Harrogate had lady luck on their side. The owners must take full responsibility for our league position. Their tenure at the club has been a complete disaster, they must make way for others now. (@peterjo91525330)

Credible chances missed second half sunk us...they kept going but as is always the case when you're in this position, that little bit of luck evaded us. It's hard to take and sad to see. (@LindaNi121202)

It’s just the best time to be a Carlisle fan. The club is dying before our eyes, the folks in charge are allowing it and there is sod all we can do but watch. How they sleep at night is anyone’s guess. (@inthecity_cufc)

No talent, no ability, no quality. A little bit of effort. Pretty much sums it up. (@RyanWood85)

Let's face it - Abbott, Kav, Curle, Pressley, Beech were all the issue, Millen has come in and done what?? Maybe it's time to lift the rose tinted glasses and look above to the so called owners of this club and DOF. We are absolutely shocking and we keep calling for managers heads - why? (@darrenblue90)

We could have played all week and not scored we were the better team throughout and got beat 2-0 it's so frustrating, and it was freezing, I still think with a bit more quality up top we will be ok, but we need results and fast. (@cufccraig1983)

You can’t talk about problems on the pitch without mentioning the shambles off it. Change is desperately needed, the custodians of failure must depart asap, we’re doomed under them and Day! We’re in this position because of them and Holdsworth! No ambition no plan little hope! (@fish_blues)

As mentioned before.. I think the next step would be to get rid of all the existing back room staff and let Millen bring in his own, I’m sure he’ll have a few friends who can join him bringing extra experience and connections with especially with January fast approaching. (@djtooley247)

Feel numb, definitely playing better but cannot score. Rather play bad and win. Gutted. Struggling to find many positives tonight. It’s the worst I think I have felt as a Carlisle fan for a long time. (@NHolmesCatax)

Utter despair, we can’t even score never mind win a game. Congratulations on killing our club reluctant custodians. #nicelittlenonleagueclub (@rocknrolo)

It’s possible to kid yourself that with the chances we missed and being slightly more organised at the back there is some hope. (@Glass942)

A better performance than Saturday but we lack the killer instinct within the box. Rod McDonald solid tonight and Mark Howard kept the score low. (@richards_avril)

I thought it was fairly one sided, too many missed chances and suffered from a clinical team.. both goals from nothing mind, dunno why players were stood arguing on that counter attack for the second goal. (@cufcdee)

We look doomed. January will come too late. The impotence of the team is unbelievable. (@MartinScarboro4)

Time to turn the pointed finger from the players to the board. Where is my club going? What is the plan? Speak to us! Give us hope! Are we the next Bury or Macclesfield? Put us out of our misery before we revolt and you're ran out of town. (@2705TF)

Some fantastic balls into the box but nobody there with any killer instinct. Harrogate two chances two goals. Snatch and grab but ultimately we are not good enough as I feel that was one of the the team's better performances. Need to find 10 points before Jan or we are doomed! (@stuferg1990)

David Holdsworth said that our squad is stronger than last season. That same man is still in his job. Go figure. (@havenmarra)

What can be said that hasnt been said 100s of times before over the years? Finding it hard to care anymore and its clear others feel the same way, just look at the attendance. The fanbase is getting older and even the die-hards are finding better things to do on a match day. (@stewlsh)

What’s the best route to Wealdstone? (@dubhead77)

Far worse than nadir of 2003/4. At least that season we started to click as team with manager emotionally connected to the area. Board fail to appoint manager with decent pedigree at this level. The club is on a downward non league spiral that is irreversible with present board. (@angloscott188)

Watched on iFollow and it was dire. The players try but the lack of decisiveness and quality is clear to see. Badly need reinforcements - would be lovely to hear from Holdsworth who is doing his usual sponsored silence when things are going badly... (@leerooney)

It's a 'first goal league' where we can't score goals. The team are lacking confidence, but we the fans have absolutely zero confidence in the board and those pulling the strings in the background that they can turn it around. 0pts, No goals, and no hope with the current owners! (@cumbrianbluess)

The only bright spot is that it is looking like I'll be saving a ton on iFollow fees next season. Dreadful and dispiriting. (@norraist)

I've seen enough football to know that these owners are overseeing a relegation. (@LEEROTHERHAM)

Honestly - maybe it’s time just to give the likes of Charters and Bell starts. As things stand, nothing to lose by doing so because aren’t coming close to winning anyway and might just hit on something from the academy as the team needs ripped apart in Jan. (@HYFPRW)

Massive problems,from the brink of the championship to the cusp of oblivion!The club is in real danger of dropping out of the league and out of existence at this rate…fear the worst! (@Alex_Jordan85)

So sad to see the football club I have supported for 33 years being ripped apart by the men at the top. This club is heading to non league never to come back, I know many a die hard fan that has either given up on this club or are right on the brink. SELL UP!! (@reaypa)

No striker, no goals, no belief, yes to non league. Desperate times unfortunately. (@RogeP1988)

How can a team not score given the amount of chances we had, and Mampala done more in 20 than Abrahams will ever do. And for a ref not to give such a blatant penalty. We're in big trouble. (@ericgreen866)

If we don’t invest in January, we’re down. We’re dying out for a proper number 9. I’ve lost count over the last few games how many times the ball sails across the box with absolutely no one there to finish. (@Matt_Suddart)

Questions need asked if the board and CUOSC are happy with the position of the club. (@KennyWheadon)

We. Are. Going. Down. (@josephscott2005)

We can all be bitter and rightly so. But it’s also bloody heart breaking watching OUR team dissolve week in week out. Desperate. (@Paddockgirlie)

Who on earth scouted these players??? (@ScottBeeby1)

Well below a National League side, let alone League Two. Dickenson yet again put five or six great balls across the box which absolutely no-one was near as the movement of the strikers is abysmal. Clough too put a couple of good free kicks in. Been clear since the summer we need a target man. Yet we haven’t gone and got one. Abrahams is not the answer, Young has some ability but you can’t miss chances like he did in mens football. Our board and DOF have hung Beech and Millen out to dry. Simple fact is we aren’t close to good enough as a team. Onto the board. The apathy they have infected this club with was perfectly encapsulated by the fact the fans couldn’t even get a chant going against them. Fans couldn’t decide which of them they wanted out the most which led to three section of the crowd singing different names. It’s been the death of 1,000 cuts and if (or more likely when) we get relegated we will not come back. Their legacy will be one of turning a club from the brink of the Championship to a non-league also ran with no plan, hope, money, and a complete waste of the potential they had. We are going the way of York City and Scarborough. Eternity in non-league. (@parkinsonross)