Carlisle United finally ended their search for a new manager yesterday by appointing Keith Millen on an 18-month deal.

The former Bristol City and Crystal Palace coach is charged with leading the Blues away from relegation trouble in League Two.

Here's what United supporters made of the new appointment when they have us their views on Twitter.

Let’s give him a fair chance, turn this mess around, and his credentials will go through the roof (@matty017)

Preferable to the all too familiar carousel of tried, tested and failed lower league managers. Doesn't have that baggage, which also means he lacks experience as a #1. But as a coach/#2 his credentials are decent. A good man-manager, which we'll need for the fight to come. (@1StevieKilner)

Good at setting up a sound defensive unit and a good set-piece regime. Good choice for me, good luck Mr Millen. (@stansanczuk)

Think it's a good appointment. Palace fans love him and he's famously a motivator which is what we need. He's been with Palace so knows what a relegation scrap is like and how to get the best out of his team. Could also get some decent loans given his high up connections. (@army_hub)

Good luck to him. He will need it. (@scholes_peter)

Honestly don't think Millen is a bad appointment. Know some fans unhappy that he's Holdsworth's mate but he's a well-respected coach. (@parkinsonross)

Got to support him now. Let's see who he brings in short term as we need some experience and leadership in the team. Let's give him our support. (@LEEROTHERHAM)

Deserves the support any new CUFC manager should expect. Southern-based, surely? Here to keep us up as a short term thing till the club can really plan for the future which requires new ownership. Could be a Wadsworth type who didn’t have much L2 experience but had contacts. (@paulmason2000)

An exciting choice compared to the other rumoured candidates - looks to be an educated football man and is bound to have a host of contacts thanks to his 40-plus years in the game. Feels like a fresh and ambitious appointment as opposed to a less risky one from the gravy train! (@nathan_ridley_)

Good luck Keith. Worked alongside some of the top managers in the game. The proof will be in the pudding. Let’s hope he has the recipe for success. (@Daddy_Kool72)

Clearly wouldn't have been high on many wish lists but I am quietly encouraged. Every decent manager has to start somewhere and he'll have plenty of contacts within the game which should help, short-term. Appears to be well regarded at his former clubs, too. No new manager coming into CUFC's current predicament is going to be without drawbacks and his links to DH is no fault of his either. He's coached plenty, worked abroad and done all he can to ready himself for this kind of chance. Let's hope he takes it. Good luck to him. (@Matt_Hill93)

Was getting to the stage where I’d have taken Keith Harris and Orville as that dressing room needs a new voice. Not everyone’s first choice but will get support from us all provided we see some desire, passion and commitment from both himself and the players! COYB. (@stuferg1990)

Not sure to be honest. Will back him to sort us out.what else can we do! Sure us Paddock dwellers will be on him if he’s no good. Up the Blues. (@Paddockgirlie)

Those kicking off need to give their head a wobble. Who the hell would want to manage us? One of the worst teams in the Football League (@Mark_Coulthard)

Really don’t know enough about him to make an informed comment but that doesn’t seem to worry a lot of people. Good luck to him. I might be in a minority but I’m pleased Skelton staying. (@PaulHawkins66)

It's certainly a risk, very limited front role experience, but has worked under some big names, and was a no-nonsense defender. If this doesn't work the BOD are finished. (@thegaffa)

Surprised a manager has been appointed again with limited experience particularly with some of the other options out there. Felt perhaps a more seasoned candidate might have been in order. Coaching CV is impressive though and hopefully it will translate well from the training pitch. (@BackoSkiddaw)

33% win rate not that impressive. Mostly been a caretaker. Big step up to manager. All Blues fans want is someone to take us seriously and bring us out of a relegation battle. We will give him a chance, but it will probably be a slim one. (@richards_avril)

The position and win ratio of Örgryte in the Swedish 2nd tier under his management doesn't fill me with confidence. I think that we all agree that the problems are still entrenched in #cufc. That said, I am willing to give him a chance and hope that he'll turn things around for us. (@EarnThtDanegeld)

Wait and see. First we need players in: a forward and at least one centre-back. Secondly we have some hard fixtures coming up. Fingers crossed he does well good luck to him. (@Alan69333548)

Underwhelmed, but not surprised to be underwhelmed as I’m not quite sure what we were expecting. He may prove to be a good appointment - very well thought of in the game. (@jpastalker)

Underwhelming but needs to be given a chance. We all know the failings are not restricted to the playing staff and coaching set-up. We need this appointment to work otherwise who knows where we will end up next season. (@Halpinforpope)

Not the most inspired appointment around but I’m willing to give him a chance, I just have a feeling that it won’t work out. (@blando98)

Underwhelming and more than likely the cheapest option about, in a dog fight and they go for someone with little managerial experience ! If the results dont pick up the attendances will plummet further! (@cmackay414)

Definitely not what I was expecting. Quite underwhelming, but I'll keep my views open to see how we fair in the coming games. (@Steee1302)

My choice would have been Hill but let's wait and see. (@GeoffRobbo42)

The old boys club continues. (@riegaan)

An uninspiring choice from an uninspiring list of candidates (@mattm_57)

Not overly excited but I’m prepared to give the him a chance. (@kyleDixon30)

Another underwhelming appointment AGAIN from this board! A win ratio of 33% and zero promotions is hardly encouraging The definition of insanity a wise man once said "is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" I pray I'm wrong #MerryGoRound #DejaVu (@standing_green)

Every inept salesman I've ever hired interviewed brilliantly and I only have myself to blame for not looking harder at what they had really achieved rather than their 'potential'. Looking at the board's recent record of picking managers, they seem to have a similar approach. (@JHallHDI)

Big gamble! Hope he’s seen a couple of big Swedish strikers he can bring over. (@dixon221087)

A lot better than some of the alternatives but not as inspiring as some of the others. Overall I think it's encouraging as he's clearly a well respected coach with lots of experience. Let's hope he can step up as a manager - good luck Keith. (@ticketaddict