Carlisle United slipped to a 2-0 defeat to Forest Green Rovers in front of 3,963 fans at Brunton Park on Saturday.

Here's what some of the Blues faithful made of the game when we asked for their views on Twitter.

To be honest it's so hard to take, we huffed and puffed for 20 minutes and although better than last week, we are closing in on a relegation battle in the worst League Two I have seem for many a year, getting outplayed by FGR is quite frankly embarrassing and an insult to fans (@matty017)

Why sub the best player on the pitch? Brad Young absolutely shone. The first half was a sight to behold. The second half was a return to the bad form we have being showing. (@richards_avril)

Wasn’t a particularly poor performance. Could easily have been two up after ten mins. Young very good but Toure way off. Forest Green No14 the difference. Switch him with Toure and that’s a Carlisle win. Also has Beech considered giving the physio a run up front? #rapid (@tindalla)

Nothing left to say and even if there was no one at the club is interested in the fans opinions. Everything is fine… (@8thofMay)

Best Team Won end of...showed why they are the top team. We need somebody who can put their foot through the ball. (@LindaNi121202)

The biggest question is can we genuinely see Beech turning it around? We looked good for the first 20 minutes then all of a sudden disappeared out the game. We’ve been very consistently poor game after game. Have I honestly paid for a season ticket to watch a team hoof ball hoping for the best? (@djtooley247)

It was always going to be a tough game, but it's difficult to look at our current form with any sort of optimism. Morale appears low for both players and fans - we need to see a change in fortunes soon. Improvement or departure, that's got to come from Beech. Like, this week. (@EarnThtDanegeld)

We still had a decent side at the end of last season. Losing eight players has turned it into a poor side. Didn’t expect it to be this bad though. (@cufcpunditry)

Did ok first 20 but as soon as they scored it was over. Beech can’t seem to turn a game round. Never seen a less effective forward for us than Abrahams. Doesn’t even challenge for the ball. All the bad parts of Hallam Hope without the goals. (@parkinsonross)

We’re just not very good (@Matthewgaskell9)

It's the same formation every time, midfield is overrun and forwards isolated. Nothing changes there, so why would the result? (@DaveGMcM)

The custodians need to take a long look in the mirror at the problem. The club is going backwards, changing manager will be a short term solution. You can't move forward doing the same thing (or nothing) season after season. It's a results game, the results tell the story - poor! (@cumbrianbluess)

Beaten by a better team. We had chances in the first half, if those had gone in, who knows what would have happened. Defence was poor but our keeper made a couple of great saves. I have always supported Chris Beech but I am begining to waver now. Results must change soon. (@peterjo91525330)

Sick to the back teeth of hearing about the 'traits and values which are supposedly representing us' when we are loitering around the bottom of League Two with no direction or ambition, what a bloody insult if he [Beech] is suggesting that is how to represent us! (@brennyboy66)

Everything was so simple and basic. There was no creativity, no excitement, no inventive running off the ball. We weren’t a million miles off FGR but they had those little moments and we didn’t and that’s why they came out on top. (@Guuuuuy)

Looked much better first 25 minutes, set-piece defending is killing us! They're a good team, I saw signs of improvement, we actually passed the ball for once! Need to stick with Young (@dixon221087)

The current squad is probably better than this, I'm not sure. It's a poor league (again) so yes, they SHOULD be better than this. So it comes down to the manager & I just don't think he's up to it. Decent guy but for whatever reason, it's not working & hasn't been for some time. (@1StevieKilner)

Beech out. (@Jake_Mansfield_)