The chairman of the Football Supporters' Association has said fans are disappointed about not being able to travel to Rome for England's clash with Ukraine, but added "we've got used to a bit of disappointment".

Malcolm Clarke told Times Radio: "We haven't been watching football live for a long time - club games and internationals been missed, so to some extent, people got used to it."

He joked that fans were just hoping "England can give us something to cheer about".

When asked if he was confident of victory, Mr Clarke replied: "I think it would be silly to be at all complacent as one or two England fans now are - a bit too over confident - after the German game."

He added: "But I am sure that the manager will ensure that the players aren't."

Mr Clarke said fans have to trust Gareth Southgate's judgement ahead of Saturday's showdown with Ukraine.

He told Times Radio: "The manager has done very well so I think we just have to trust his judgement."

He added: "I am sure that the 2,500 English fans who are there will give (the team) a lot of support - it might be a different set of fans to those who are usually there for an England away game, but I'm quite sure they will be in good voice."

Mr Clarke continued: "I'm sure that the manager will prepare the team very well.

"These are a professional group of players, England have got a very professional set up at the international level, so I'm sure that the team will be well prepared."

He added: "I'm quite sure that the fans who are there may actually be even louder than the ones who are usually there because it is such a unique and unexpected opportunity for many of them."

Rome resident and England football fan Dawn Hughes said she was trying to remain calm after securing a ticket for the Euro 2020 quarter-final clash against Ukraine at the Stadio Olimpico.

Asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme how she was feeling before Saturday evening's game, Ms Hughes said: "A bit of everything, actually.

"I've got butterflies in my stomach but I need to keep calm and I'm trying to get through the day, and then tonight exploding at the stadium."

Ms Hughes said she had been "phoning everybody up asking for tickets" to the match before a friend, who has a concierge company in London, stepped in to provide one.

Attendees must either be double vaccinated or show proof of a negative coronavirus test, which Ms Hughes said she had after taking a test on Friday evening.

Asked whether there were signs of an English presence in Rome, she replied: "No, not at the moment but I'm sure they'll all be coming in from Europe today."

Former football manager Harry Redknapp is predicting a 3-0 win for England against Ukraine, and thinks they will go on to beat Denmark in the semi-final and eventually meet Italy in the final - and win.

He said England have "a fantastic group of players", and speaking about Ukraine, he told Times Radio: "I don't think they're anywhere near the same class as we are. I think we'll beat them comfortably."

Redknapp said he sees a "tough" game for England against Denmark in the semi-final and, looking ahead to an England v Italy final, he said he thinks it would be a "tight" game but England can "just about edge" it.

Former England goalkeeper David James has predicted England will win 2-1 in Saturday's game against Ukraine.

James said Gareth Southgate's men will want to "hold on" to the "euphoria" of winning 2-0 against rivals Germany on Tuesday.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, he said: "What happened at Wembley, and Gareth has said about it, was a very special night. In order to win the competition, you've got to go up and down against different opposition.

"Ukraine will be a completely different proposition to the last match against Germany. The way that Gareth and the team have been speaking, they know they've got to win the game... I've got faith in (weatherman Matt Taylor) Matt's prediction at 2-1."

He added: "What I like about Gareth, and what I like about this England squad, is they seem so prepared... I don't think there's going to be one of these keymark speeches going out before the game. I think it's more about 'Carry on as we planned, do what you know you're going to do'."

James said he was "sure" there would be changes to the line-up - including bringing back Mason Mount and Phil Foden - as there are players on the Ukraine team that could cause "a big problem".