Carlisle United have come out of the Covid-19 pandemic so far with “cash in the bank” as they look to move forward.

Co-owner John Nixon provided the update on the club's position in answers to questions left over from recent fans' forums.

Nixon responded to a question from fan Howard Pimblett, who said: “You stated that “you have run out of cash and that we as fans have been patient with you”.

“What proactive steps are you making towards succession, or were all the eggs in the Edinburgh Woollen Mill basket. Also, how does it feel to have £2.1 million personal guarantees hanging over you?”

In answers shared on the club's website, Mr Nixon said: “I think the phrase ‘running out of cash’ is not entirely as I meant.

"We had as directors (and one in particular) put considerable amounts of cash into the club, and there comes a point in time when you stop and look for others to help with this process.

“This happened with EWM but even during their time we have, as directors, still put some additional cash into the club, and all of this has been written into equity to protect the club from mounting debt.

“The fit with EWM was good. A local company, moving their HQ to Carlisle, and they have a long-term interest in the club.

“None of us could predict the Covid pandemic of 2020 but, as a club, with EWM support (even through their administration) we are emerging with cash in the bank and a solid base to move into a new and hopefully more normalised world.

“The personal guarantees are something we think anyone who loves their football and their club would do, and so we have no worries on that score.

“As with all plans we have a preferred route, but also plan B and C, which we could pursue if required.”

Last month, the Blues’ hierarchy said they were still pushing ahead with a succession plan involving Philip Day’s empire.

It is hoped that the plan will deliver long-term change at Brunton Park, despite the crisis that hit billionaire tycoon Mr Day’s retail business during the pandemic.

Mr Pimblettt also suggested that the period of ownership since 2008 had been a “period of failure” with relegation to League Two and no promotion to celebrate. He asked what the current owners considered their greatest achievement during that period.

Mr Nixon said: “Achievements cannot be summarised in only winning and losing, but as directors we must try to provide the finance, the infrastructure, the stability, the processes, the premises, the facilities and the personnel to have good outcomes.

“Like all fans, when we win we celebrate, when we draw we conjugate and debate, and when we lose we deflate.

“It is always the intent to have the right manager and the right coaching staff, and it is the manager who will recruit the right players to get the results we all want out on the pitch.

“Looking back, we celebrated two successive visits to Wembley, losing to Southampton, who are now in the Premier League, and winning against Brentford who, again, are now in the Premier League. Play-offs and promotion are the aim, and we will continue to strive towards these goals.”