Pep Guardiola has had stick for not playing a holding midfielder in the Champions League final. That may have been a mistake – anybody can get it wrong. But the aggression and competitiveness that Chelsea showed might have seen them win anyway.

I’m going to give Thomas Tuchel credit. He worked his tactics out well. If you let Man City play, they’ll destroy anybody. Chelsea didn’t allow City to do what they normally do, which is rip teams apart from the goalkeeper to the forwards, right up the pitch.

Manchester United were a big disappointment in the Europa League final. It’s one of the worst finals I’ve seen. Villarreal knew their best chance was to play a spoiling game. Even at the start of the second half I thought they were looking to take it to penalties. I thought that players like Pogba would have taken control, but it just didn’t materialise. United have had a decent season; second in the Premier League and reaching the Europa League final. But there’s still people who don’t think Solskjaer is the right man for the job. I think it’s more about the players. I don’t think that squad would win you the league, which is what the club wants first and foremost. They’re good players. But to win a championship you’ve got to have a squad doing it for the full season, not just certain games.

As for the play-offs, I’m pleased for Brentford getting into the Premier League. I’ve watched them all season and they always play good football. The way they bring players through, sell them for good money and replace them reminds me of how Carlisle used to be in the 1960s and 70s. We’d sell players like John Gorman and Bill Green, and replace them with players coming through or ones bought with a portion of the money we received. Brentford shows you that can still be done.

 Nick Anderton (Carlisle United) - Carlisle United v Walsall, Brunton Park, Skybet League2, 20/21 season - Photographer Barbara Abbott NO UNAUTHORISED ,USE..

Nick Anderton (Carlisle United) - Carlisle United v Walsall, Brunton Park, Skybet League2, 20/21 season - Photographer Barbara Abbott NO UNAUTHORISED ,USE..

I’m also pleased for Blackpool getting into the Championship. When Jerry Yates was on loan at Carlisle, he always looked capable of scoring. That’s just continued. Fair play to Blackpool. They were so badly done by during the Oyston years. It’s great to see the club back on its feet. Sunderland’s defeat in the play-off semi-finals means they’re looking at a fourth season in League One. They’ll be looking to get off to a flier. The advantage at Sunderland is, if they’re top of the table, even in League One, they’ll get 35,000 in. The fans will back a winning side.

I’m happy for Morecambe as they go up to League One. They show you don’t need a top budget to succeed in League Two. The National League play-offs start this weekend. The winner of Notts County v Chesterfield will play Torquay, and the winner of Hartlepool v Bromley will play Stockport. We’ve lost a lot of northern clubs so I’d love to see one get back in.

And it remains to be seen if Carlisle captain Nick Anderton going to Bristol Rovers is much of a blow; whether Chris Beech thinks he has enough in the squad or will look to replace him.