Workington Town have to learn from Sunday’s defeat and move on says boss Chris Thorman.

After the disappointing two-point loss at the hands of Doncaster on Sunday, Town’s head coach said it was all about handling the little blips that happen during a season – and putting those lessons to good use.

After four games of the Betfred League 1 season Town are lying in second place, just behind Barrow Raiders and on level points with their opponents from the weekend Doncaster.

But Thorman believes his side will get back on track and stay up there challenging.

“Overall, we are going all right,” he said. “It’s about accumulating the good days, we’re maybe a 7/10 or a six-and-a-half after that game.

“But generally there’s a lot of improvement in the group.

“The challenge for me is to keep 31/32 squad members happy so there might be some changes this week. I will assess the injury situation and take it from there but we are building.

“There are no prizes given out after round four. We have to do the right things consistently until the end of the season, and there will be some blips along the way. That’s sport for you.

“It’s about how we handle those blips and learning from them. Nobody will remember round four in September if we do the right thing from now on in.”

Spectators flocked back to Derwent Park to watch the game for the first time in person, following a relaxation in Covid restrictions.

Thorman admitted he was disappointed not to send them home with a win.

“I’m deflated and disappointed, especially when there was such a great atmosphere in here,” he said after the game.

“I suppose from a spectators' point of view it was an exciting game to watch but I’d rather it wasn’t and we do the right thing consistently.”