TOWN head into the 2021 season with a motivated and talent-filled squad.

Perry ‘Pez’ Singleton will play for Chris Thorman’s Workington Town returning to the club in September after a stint at Barrow Raiders.

When discussing his tendency to break away from the pack to make a tackle in a recent Workington Town Q&A, Singleton said: “I do bring aggression to the side I won’t back down I’ll give 100 per cent. I’ll get stuck in and do my job.”

Head coach Thorman said it is better to have a player like Singleton who has to be held back than one who is overly cautious.

But Thorman and Singleton have worked on strategy recently.

“It was about Pez picking his moments, I’m really glad that Pez is coming back.”

Singleton is able to play on the second row and as a centre.

Thorman said: “Pez knows that he’ll probably play a bit of both this year but I think potentially playing on the back row for Pez, it doesn’t isolate him when he comes out of line a little bit.”

Half-back Jamie Doran’s story at Town will continue in the 2021 season. Thorman said: “I’m really excited for Jammer to fulfill his potential with us.

“I’ve played the same position of Jammer and I’ve seen what he’s capable of. It’s a big year for him, it’s a big year for us all.”

“I just want to watch the boys rip in and enjoy it and improve them and educate but have a good time doing it.”