A MASTERS league is providing retired rugby players with the camaraderie of their beloved sport and a representative for the Cumbrian side of the league wants to encourage more people to get involved.

Ian Johnson of the Arlecdon Rams is encouraging older more to get involved in masters rugby for its wellbeing benefits.

He said: "It's great for your mental health, a lot of people when they retire from amateur rugby they feel like they've got nothing to do on Saturdays, they're just sitting at home."

The league brings an opportunity to visit new places.

Johnson said: "Throughout the UK there's 56 masters teams."

However, he added that it is all about enjoying the sport with like-minded people and the level of contact is tailored for each age group.

"It's about the social side to rugby. There's no prizes, we don't play for cups."

Every game is classed as an exhibition finishing at 0-0.

"We're thinking about putting a tournament together to have a day of masters rugby."

Anyone who would like to get involved can contact Ian on 07941047788