For a team to win the league by 20-odd points, which it looks as if Liverpool are going to do, is amazing. And most have got their careers ahead of them. They can get even better.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are the best two coaches in the world. The skill and speed of their teams’ football is on a different planet. Nothing against Newcastle. But the gulf between Man City and Newcastle in their FA Cup quarter-final last weekend was embarrassing.

That level of success doesn’t just happen. Obviously it helps to have a lot of money. But plenty of clubs have got a lot of money. It’s what they do with it that matters.

Klopp and Guardiola are the best at getting good players to play together. It’s a joy to watch.

There are a lot of good coaches at the moment. Wolves are a good side. Man United look like they’re getting their act together, although they’ve got a long way to go.

It’s difficult to compare eras. Players are athletes now. We used to have just a manager, a trainer and a physio. Now there’s a massive backroom staff with lots of emphasis on diet.

The whole game has changed so much. The balls are quicker and lighter. Even going back 20 years, the game looks slow.

But some players would still thrive. George Best is one of them. There was just something different about him.

He had great natural ability. With the drop of a shoulder he could leave two or three players in a matter of yards.

I played against him twice, and with him in a testimonial for Jeff Astle at West Brom. That was at the end of his career. Even though he was on the downward spiral he showed bits of magic that night.

I played against Man United for West Brom at the beginning of the 70s. It was more or less United’s 1968 European Cup-winning team with Best, Denis Law, Bobby Charlton. But they were on the way down. We beat them twice at home.

In one game at Old Trafford we were winning 1-0 then Denis Law scored two goals in 10 minutes – he had a knack of doing that.

There have always been great sides. Arsenal had done the league and FA Cup double in 1971. Everton had a great side in the late 60s with the likes of Howard Kendall and Alan Ball.

Leeds had Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton, Terry Cooper, Johnny Giles, Peter Lorimer. Liverpool had Peter Thompson, Tommy Smith, John Toshack. West Brom beat them at home at Christmas, 1971. That was a great result.

I wouldn’t say there was fear when you were playing a great side, but it was in your mind what you were going out there to play against.

You just went right through those sides and it was all quality.

Lower down the ladder, congratulations to Keith Curle. He’s finally got a promotion as a manager, in the League Two play-offs with Northampton.

And Nicky Adams has got another promotion. I always liked Adams. He created a lot. Most things centred around him. The problem if you’re running a tight budget is that you can’t afford players like him.