Players of Carlisle United Football Club are staying in shape during lockdown thanks to the guidance of strength and conditioning coach David Waldie and “the gaffer” Chris Beech.

The Blues have been training through the coronavirus lockdown and a break in play, following a programme drawn up by head coach Chris Beech and 10 year RAF veteran David Waldie.

Waldie told The Cumberland News: "We’ll do a block of two to four weeks to get the adaptation we want.”

The training blocks are followed by a deload week where coaches reduce the intensity of sessions to avoid over-training and allow ample recovery.

Coach Waldie has used a dash of creativity to keep the United players fit during lockdown.

"We’ve just had to adapt, you can get a lot of work done with body weight exercises.

"They’ve found different routes for different types of run.

He said: "You can get a lot of work done with no equipment. We've been looking at body composition.”

Training sessions have been heavily focussed on bodyweight exercises, making the most of workouts at home, including isometric holds such as wall sits and even using towels for deadlifts.

Waldie added that United players have been working hard to be primed for the 2020/2021 season when it begins.

"They’ve all been great, they’ve logged all their sessions for me on the Strava app, they’ve had Zoom online sessions as well as individual training on their own. A lot of the lads have got into cycling because of the nice weather."

League Two football clubs voted to end the 2019/2020 season in June, with play originally suspended in March. Coach Waldie said that the period of uncertainty was a challenge.

"It’s been different because we haven’t really known for the majority of lockdown. It’s been up in the air."

Carlisle United had nine games of the season left to play.

Waldie said: "The first few weeks we were keeping the lads in a state where they’d be fit to finish the season.

He said: "Even now we don’t know when the season is going to start.”

However, United can now begin preparations for the 2020/2021 pre-season.

"I think they’ll come back fitter than they would have. We’ve kept them ticking over."

Blues players have used isolation to their advantage with less distractions from training.

Waldie said: "You can't leave the house for the majority of lockdown other than for exercise, I think they're more inclined."

The strength and conditioning coach lives in Lincoln and has made regular trips to Carlisle since taking up the role at United in the middle of last season. It was a period of constant change and reinvention at the side with changes in management and the squad.

"There's been a lot of change, it's been a mad eighteen months."

Waldie uses his experience as a physical trainer with the RAF when he puts the Blues players through their paces.

"You learn to deal with different types of people.

He said: "It all comes down to knowing your athlete, getting them to trust you.