A cricket club have received a £2000 donation allowing them to purchase mobile nets which have proven to be an asset while group training sessions are suspended.

Thanks to Tesco and Groundworks’ £2000 donation through their Bags of Help scheme, Whitehaven Cricket Club have purchased mobile nets which are being used in socially distanced training sessions at the ground on Richmond Terrace whilst group sessions are still suspended.

A spokesperson for Whitehaven Cricket Club said: “This is now in use and has helped us get training going in line with England and Wales Cricket Board Covid-19 guidelines.”

Cricket secretary Arthur Lamb said: “Senior players used it last week, we’ve been able to open the training with our junior team and we’re waiting on guidelines from the ECB on training in small groups.”

The mobile nets will be an asset to the team, improving training sessions. Coach of Whitehaven Cricket Club juniors Phil McCormick said: “It’s something we’ve needed for a while.

“Team coaches are doing a lot of one to one training with the net which has been a success.

“It’ll also benefit when we can all train together.”

The mobile nets which can be used with the bowling machine, help to create a match feel, benefitting players when competition returns.

“It means you can cut a wicket anywhere on the field” said coach McCormick.

He said: “We are really pleased with it and we’re looking to buy some more netting to extend it.

McCormick thanked the public and Tesco for their support on behalf of the club.

He said: “Thank you to those people who chose us enough to enable this £2000 grant."

The Bags of Help scheme supported by Groundworks sees a variety of community groups and clubs voted on by shoppers with a green token given when they purchase a Bag For Life.

The club with the most votes receives a grant made up of funds raised with the sale of the Bags For Life.