Gary Charlton is like the rest of the coaches in rugby league – relying on his players to maintain fitness levels.

The coronavirus shutdown has meant players not being able to train together with grounds out of bounds.

Gyms and other training facilities are not available and it’s left to the players themselves to do their own thing.

Charlton said: “We keep in touch through a WhatsApp group and the players know they're on their own until the situation changes for the better.

“We're currently shut down until April 13, but in all seriousness I can’t see that changing then. I think it's going to be a lot longer than that.

“Our players at Whitehaven are a good bunch and I know, as professionals, they'll be doing all they can to maintain fitness levels.

“Whether it’s down to some road running or working on weights they have at home, I know they'll do what they can.

“We're living in difficult times and it's a case of adapting as much as we can to what’s going on.”

Halifax, who are Championship rivals, have been the first rugby league club to ask their players to take a pay cut.

Managing director Dave Grayson said: “Tough times need tough measures. We’ve had to ask all the staff – not just players, to take a temporary drop and they have been unanimous in agreeing to do that.

“There's no shame in that – other clubs will roll that out too.”

The big question, though, is when the sport can resume or will the Covid-19 threat mean there’s no rugby league played at all this year.

June, July or August have all been suggested as possible return months, but no one really knows the answer – and that’s the problem facing all the clubs from Super League, the Championship and League One.